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Path of Diablo (2) Season 9 Brings a New Skill, Widescreen Support, Trade 2.0 and More

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The Path of Diablo mod and server for Diablo 2 is entering its 9th season this month which will bring many new improvements to the game. If you're not familiar with the mod, its main goal is to keep the game as close to the original D2 as possible, while actively balancing weaker skills and items and adding a few new ones here and there. The mod already featured many QoL improvements like a larger stash and a charm-specific inventory, a new endgame system of relics that open portals to harder dungeons, as well as a whole lot of balancing and tweaking for the less used skills of each class - for example Fist of the Heavens has had its cooldown removed. You can ready more about the mod in their official FAQ as well.

The biggest addition of the new season, starting on January 24th, is the online trading system, with the patch also adding widescreen support and a new spell for the Necromancer - a bleed curse, all of which you can check out in the trailer below.

We also have a general trailer for the mod that came out today:

So, if you're looking to head back to Diablo 2, but for it to have a bit more of an original feeling than things like Median XL, Hell Unleashed and similar mods that change everything, this is definitely the one for you, both adding enough new stuff to keep things interesting, but still keeping the game very close to its roots. The community in PoD is also pretty active (especially when a new season starts), so your best bet would be to go for it on the 24th.


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PoE is a Blizz project, this isn't.

I tried to load DII up but kept getting errors I couldn't sort out even with looking them up. I was so hoping for a DII remaster

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3 hours ago, Tupi said:

PoE is a Blizz project, this isn't.

I tried to load DII up but kept getting errors I couldn't sort out even with looking them up. I was so hoping for a DII remaster

Not sure what you mean by PoE is a Blizz project?

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    • By Starym
      We've recently talked about the Path of Diablo mod that improves the game by adding and tuning some skills items and features, but still keeps things as close as possible to the original (LoD) version of the game (and the new season that's come out for it recently). Today we have a new and huge patch for probably the best, biggest and most popular mod for D2 out there, Median XL (or Median XL: Sigma as the more recent versions have been called).

      Calling it a mod might be a bit of an understatement, however, as it's basically a complete overhaul and rework, with massive amounts of new skills (35 new ones PER CLASS), items (thousands, crafting), mechanics, content (40 endgame quests, new zones like Heaven and one quest actually has you traveling back in time and playing as Diablo while trying to defeat the Bear Tribe in order to break into the Worldstone Chamber. No, seriously.)
      The new patch came out just a couple of days ago, and aside from the massive amounts of changes it also means that the community around the mod will be way more active in the next weeks/months, so it's the prefect time to get into it. You can check out the patch notes here if you're already a Median connoisseur, but basically there's a whole lot of tweaks to the endgame quests, classes and items.
      If you're not a huge fan of servers and prefer to go solo, and you definitely can here as well, but the drop rates are tuned towards trading, so you're almost certainly not going to be able to get everything you want as a solo self-found player. Another note for you mod-savvy D2ers out there, apparently this latest version (and a few before it) don't support Pluggy, the nigh-indispensable infinite stash addon, which is making players play an older version of the mod.
      Having played the mod a whole lot back in the day it really is very different than the base game, with a whole lot of effects spammed all over the place (which was a detriment for me at the time), tons of new enemies etc, and with builds named Crossbow Necromancer, Melee Sorceress and Treewarden Druid, you can already feel just how different the game is from the original.
      I'm definitely going to jump back in there to try it out though, as Wolcen and Last Epoch haven't come out yet, and it'll definitely be a blast from the past, despite my personal preference for the Hell Unleashed mod (playing that one in the default non-solo difficulty is perhaps the most fun I've had in an ARPG in years). In any case, head on over the the official site and definitely give it a shot if you're missing Diablo 2 at all, it's well worth your time and, very unfortunately, also a significantly better game than most Diablo-likes out there today. 
      Median XL Features (source)
      Revamped Skills
      One of the best aspects of Median XL is the large number of unique skills on every character, ensuring countless hours of entertainment. Each class comes with 30 brand new abilities and 5 reward skills which are obtained by overcoming challenges in the game. Experiment with many unique builds such as Crossbow Necromancer, Melee Sorceress, Treewarden Druid and more.
      New items
      ARPGs are all about finding the best item combination for your build. To make this process more interesting, Median XL offers thousands of brand new items for you to acquire through farming, boss killing and crafting. There is so much diversity that you can easily build unique characters focusing on item-only skills or trigger skills which can be extremely powerful.
      Endgame quests
      Once you have completed the main story the Endgame begins. Unlike other ARPGs this does not involve killing slightly stronger versions of the same monsters you've already beaten over and over again, but is a completely new and challenging experience. Our endgame content features over 40 new quests which involve testing your character and reflexes against deadly bosses, efficiently farming new areas and uncovering many secrets. Your character reached Hell difficulty? You're just getting started...
      New areas to discover
      Doing the same mazes over and over again was getting stale. Median XL features dozens of new locations which host multiple endgame quests where the map layout actually comes into play. Always loyal to the Diablo lore, you can find new areas such as Heaven and the realms of Hell, the new town of Caldeum and fallen cities such as Duncraig, Viz-jun and Toraja. One quest has you travelling back in time and playing as Diablo while trying to defeat the Bear Tribe in order to break into the Worldstone Chamber.
      Crafting System
      Our crafting system offers a myriad of possibilities to tailor every piece of your equipment to your needs. Customise any runeword with jewels and if you haven't found any you like - craft your own! Apply a limited amount of bonus stats to any equipment slot via Mystic Orbs purchaseable from vendors, with unique drop only versions providing great power. If you're feeling lucky you can sacrifice a reward from an endgame quest for a chance of adding unique bonuses to your gear. Rare items which are competitive to uniques and runewords, and which can be shrine crafted with custom stats according to your needs to create something truly spectacular.
      Quality of Life
      Median XL modernizes the Diablo II engine by adding many features found in modern games. Tired of manually picking up all those gold piles? The automatic gold-pickup feature will do it for you as you walk near them. Died far away from town and forgot to cast a Town Portal? Your body will now spawn next to your character in town, so that you don't have to re-join the game. Many other features are coming: a higher resolution, loot filtering, one click item movement between cube/stash and inventory and more!
      Online community and events
      Play with your friends on our online gateway which features numerous servers located in North America, Europe and Asia. Participate in frequently run world events, special themed ladder seasons and community challenges.
      Source: r/diablo.

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      The biggest and most popular Diablo 2 mod just got a new patch with tons of changes.
    • By Starym
      Some Blizzard esports news today, of the RTS variety. Warcraft 3: Reforged (releasing this month) and StarCraft 2 have signed 3-year deals to be featured in the ESL (Electronic Sports League) Pro Tour Series and Dreamhack events, which also host the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league. For StarCraft 2 the ESL will replace the current, Blizzard-run World Championship Series, including the Grand Finals previously held at BlizzCon, while the deal marks the first esports commitment for Reforged.
      The prize pools for the first season will be $1.8 million for SC2 and $200,000 for Reforged and both will culminate in the Grand Finals at the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, Poland, where tens of thousands will be watching.
    • By Starym
      As we've recently found out that an official Diablo 2 Remaster is very unlikely/almost impossible, this fan-made project is all the more relevant, despite the very early stages of development. Redditor zomprd has taken several steps in the long road to remastering the classic, with some impressive images and animations so far.
      Zomprd isn't going too far off to the 4 and 8K crazyness territories and is sticking to 1080p HD for now, which is ambitious enough, seeing as he has to rebuild the entire game from scratch, using several AI upscaling techniques. First off we have some Rogue Encampment and Arreat screenshots, that look pretty impressive in their HD treatment.

      That last one is particularly impressive, really bringing out the details in both the pillars and the background. You can check out a few more images from the Rogue Encampment in the full gallery.
      But he's not stopping at just stills, as he's also upgrading the animations for some  models, which you can check out here (NSFW warning - Andariel features prominently). Here's a still of the models, but definitely check out the ones in motion above (the different columns represent different options of rendering the models):

      And here the full quote from the man himself in the reddit posts:
      Source: r/diablo.

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      Diablo 2 Remaster Unlikely - Code and Assets Were Lost According to Creators
      Why Diablo 2 Still Holds Up After 20 Years - Book Excerpt
      Diablo 2 Intro Upscaled to 8K
      Diablo 2 E3 Trailer and LoD Intro Upscaled to 4K and 8K
      Diablo 2 LoD Final Cinematic 8K Remaster
    • By Starym
      We have quite a few more Blizzard upscales, with the most interesting one being the official Warcraft 3 E3 trailer from 2001, showing off the biggest improvement of the bunch, even at "only" 4k. Then we have another Diablo 2 cinematic, this time with the Lord of Destruction expansion's finale, and finally another weird choice with the very recent Overwatch 2 announcement video.
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      Battle for Azeroth and Diablo 1 WoW Cataclysm and Starcraft: Ghost Diablo 3 Tyrael's Sacrifice Cinematic Burning Crusade Intro Wrath of the Lich King Intro Vanilla WoW Intro Diablo 2 Intro Diablo 2 E3 Teaser and Lord of Destruction Intro IKedit Remakes
      Fall of the Lich King The Wrathgate Fury of the Sunwell  The Black Temple  The Gods of Zul'Aman
    • By Stan
      Some server blades that were put on sale to support Pencils of Promise back in September have started arriving broken to buyers according to recent reports.
      Server blades that were used to run World of Warcraft servers back in the day were put on sale by Blizzard as part of the 15th-anniversary celebration. With an estimated delivery time of between 12 to 15 weeks, server blades have now started arriving to collectors, and based on recent reports, many of them did not arrive intact and had a broken case.

      Source: Reddit u/Creeperella

      Source: Reddit u/Thouforsak3n

      Source: Reddit u/Micnev

      Source: Reddit u/BlakeBolt

      Source: Reddit
      The server blade was priced well over $300 USD after tax and if yours did not arrive intact, your best bet is to contact support for assistance as indicated in the FAQ linked below.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Q: What is a server blade?
      A:  World of Warcraft realms are hosted on HP BladeSystem, which combines server, storage, network, power, and management capabilities into an integrated system. These blades were part of the hardware that provided the processing power to run the game from 2010-2016.
      Q. Will I be able to purchase a specific server blade?
      A. Due to advancements in the technology behind World of Warcraft and the ability to host many realms on one blade, there’s no way to guarantee purchasers will receive a server blade that previously hosted a specific realm they were interested in.
      Q: What does the server blade come with?
      A:Each blade server comes with a decorated plexi-glass cover and a World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary plaque.
      Q: Is the server blade functional?
      A:The server blade is not functional and contains no data. This retired HP server blade is intended only to be a unique collector’s item and not a piece of functioning hardware.
      Q: Do I have to pay for shipping?
      A: Yes, purchasers will have to pay for shipping.
      Q: When will I receive my World of Warcraft server blade if I purchase one?
      A: Barring unanticipated circumstances, the expected delivery time for items is 12–15 weeks after the final payment is received and acknowledged.
      Q: How will my World of Warcraft server blade be shipped?
      A: Your World of Warcraft server blade will ship in custom 15th anniversary packaging and a brown box with foam padding to help protect it during shipping.
      Q: What should I do if I have any issues with my order?
      A:If you encounter any issues with your World of Warcraft server blade order, contact customer service for assistance.
      *Purchaser shall pay shipping costs. Sale ends September 24, 2019, or while supplies last.
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