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Looking for UI!

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I just dinged 90 on my priest and I'm looking for a more healer-friendly UI. BUT sadly I can't use ElvUI, because I'm often playing on my crappy laptop.

I love the basic UI and I don't really care about good looking stuff or whatever.

I need a few things to complete my interface.

  • Track the debuffs on raid members (Probably going to take Grid for this one, but I'm happy to hear other suggestions)
  • Track the buffs/debuffs on me, so I can see the remaining time on everything (Probably going to take WeakAuras for this one...)
  • Boss abilities! I don't really know if I should Use DBM or BigWigs. Never tried anything else other than DBM.
  • Maybe something else I did forget...


I'm seeing many people suggesting Clique, Healbot or similiar healing addons... I started to use simply mouseover macros in WotLK and never tried anything else... Is it worth to try Clique? If so, why?


Well, I hope you guys can help me smile.png




PS: Also looking for any priest-specific addon if there is any.

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For healing interfaces/raid frames I like Vuhdu and Healbot both.  They both are extremely customizable and allow for tracking buffs and debuffs on raid members, focus's, friendly NPC, yourself, etc.  I have them set up exactly the same way and use whichever one updates the quickest after patches, hotfixes, etc.  They both offer an "Add Custom" option to track anything you want added to your raid frames. During SoO Healbot has been a little quicker on the draw with their updates but both work great.


WA is a great tool for tracking all things Priesty;  AA, PoM, Rapture, SS, pretty much everything w/ a CD there are some WA for.


Another option for Rapture tracking is Ingela's Rapture Addon.


Boss Mods:  DBM and Bigwigs are interchangable but more and more of my friends and guildies are switching to VEM(dbm on voice steroids)


The last vid I posted only used:


Ingela's Rapture






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Regarding healing interfaces, if you are going to be doing a lot of LFRs, then I would recommend VuhDo over Healbot. With all the people dropping out in the middle of the fight, groups get messed up badly and I have found Vuhdo handle this way better than Healbot. This shouldn't be a concern if you are going to do normals though since the group is fixed.

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I use default UI, grid, and clique.  Boss abilities, I use DBM but a lot of people use BigWigs... it doesn't really matter which you use honestly. 


I prefer Grid+Clique instead of mouseover macros.  The way I play is, left hand on left side of the keyboard, right hand on mouse.  This means that any number from 6 over, I cannot reliably hit every time.  For this reason I dislike mouseover macros.  Clique lets me combine alt, shift, and ctrl with mouse clicks to get the spells I want in much the same way as mouseover macros.  The only thing I need to actually click on to cast are my shadow words. 


HOWEVER there are a few downsides to Grid.  It doesn't track certain spells worth a damn.  Malkorok I use bliz default raid frames because grid can't track the fight specific debuff.  For the same reason, I have to use it on heroic shamen, because grid doesn't notice iron prison.  I think those are the only fights I use bliz default UI, which if we're being honest isn't an issue on those fights. 


I recommend Bitten's Spellflash for Priests, not because of the fact that it remidns you to use spells (it does this poorly) but because it spellflashes your Desperate Prayer and your Healthstone when your'e low health.  Improved reaction to prevent your death is always good.


Get the addon GTFO. 


You MUST track L.metagem proc as a disc priest.  I recommend my weakaura that's floating around on this forum somewhere.


Finally, I recommend you find an addon to track PoM, but that's a low priority.

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Here's the link again for the LMG  WA thread from Brutal.


It's about to fall off the front page, I'll bump it to keep it easy to find.  Seems to be referred to quite often.

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VuhDo! you can show hostile targets and smite anyone in the raids target. you can set special tank panels to show more detailed info for whoever you mark on the fly as a private tank. it has most fight specific debuffs added when it gets updates and you can make your own as well. very handy for weakened soul. the only thing i dont like about its default malk tracking is that it only shows red and orange buffs so once peoples shield turns green it disappears. i go in and make it show the green buff too and i like it better that way. 


one other odd thing about vuhdo is that it comes with cleanse on smartcast by default, so you have to go in and turn it off or it will try to cleanse anyone that you try to heal if they have a cleansable debuff. that can end badly in some fights.


and if someone is out of range and you hover over their name, it shows an arrow that points to them. in this cap, Hetterix is out of range, but i dont have one that shows me hovering over to show the arrow.




i run vuhdo, tellmewhen, dbm, and recount as far as raid addons go and its very light.

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panels > targets and theres a checkbox to click show. under spells theres a "hostile" set and you can put in smite. i have PoM set to scroll up for friendlies and i have smite set to scroll up for hostile.


for my private tanks i show target and target of target so i know which tank the boss is targeting and for special abilities you can just spam pw:s on the bosses target and you'll shield the person getting hit with a targeted attack.


the menu is a bit of an adventure, but the things it can do. if you can master teh menu boss, you can do just about anything. i can screencap some key features sometime soon, but you may have some luck on youtube. 


i also save a seperate profile for ten man and 25, and in 25 i hide targets and just set a dps or 2 as private tanks. that way i have my own target and focus for myself and i can smite dps targets or the tanks target. for ten man its nice to see who everyone is targeting at all times.

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I use default, Grid and TellMeWhen. I love the customization Grid allows, and you can tailor it to whatever your needs may be fight-by-fight.


One thing I recommend though if you're using Grid is to change how debuffs are displayed and to show absorb type abilities (not just PW:S but other absorbs such as Angelic Bulwark or the ToT trinket as well as immunities such as HoP) as the center icon because it doesn't matter if they cover health; they come before health.


Anyway, here's how I have it set up:


Border: Important and/or possibly deadly debuffs (Eg: Cauterize, Sha Pool on Immersius to see if someone's standing in stuff, Iron Prison on Dark Shaman, Hunter's Mark for sniper focus on Nazgrim, a different colour for each of the levels of shield on Malkorok, etc).

Healing Bar: Personally, I leave it unused. I don't like it.

Center Text: I just leave this as name, dead and offline.

Center Icon: Absorbs, Immunities, Ready Check. I also have it enabled to show full shields on Tortos and Malkorok.

Top Left Corner: Prayer of Mending (mine only) as well as (recommended for disc, though I still use it as holy because I still find it useful) Weakened Soul so I don't try and bubble a raid member already affected.

Top Right Corner: Debuffs dispellable by me (magic and diseases of course)

Bottom Left Corner: Debuffs undispellable by me but dispellable by others (so I can tell people to hurry up and dispel tongue.png)

Bottom Right Corner: Renew. Disc priests could put Weakened Soul here if they want to keep it and Prayer of Mending separate and don't care about Renew.

Frame Alpha: I leave this as out of range and offline.


Now, it's more of a personal preference but I personally cannot stand Grid with the default health bar's "fill" setup. I invert it, so that lost health lights up the frame rather than darkens it. I just find it easier to notice smile.png

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Shameless plug inc..


Check out my YouTube and Twitch channels for my UI.  Its been pretty static this Tier.. Skada has moved around some.. and some WA move around my screen.  I muted all the sounds in the vids... but all my WA have sounds associated w/ them because I dont want all the visual stimulation on the "playing field."  I try and keep most of the icons off far to the left

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