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Shadow: Best trinket decision?

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My shadow priest has 554 ilvl now, and i can reach the 14873 haste breakpoint just fine.

But I can't find any page or topic that says anything about the 'best in slot' trinket.


So what IS the best 2 trinkets you can possibly get in Soo?


And what is the best choise for me when i can choose from: Bindings of Immerseus NORMAL, Black Blood of Y'shaarj RF, and Kardris' Toxic Totem NORMAL?


If I will be able to get flex version of Black Blood, will it be worth replacing it to one of the other trinkets i listed above?

This is based on that I can master Black Blood trinket proc perfectly.



Thanks in advance, and feel free to add forum- or website sources

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You BiS trinks are Bindings With either totem or BBOY, take whichever is highest ilvl. At same ilvl use BBOY assuming u can make the best of the proc, if not go for totem.

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your raid finder black blood and the totem are rated pretty close, you may want to practice with black blood for fun even though it may technically be a loss.


also the little note about the "no t15 2pc" is because that "bonus" would unsnapshot your dots, so it's a gift and a curse. the SoO set bonuses are both good, although some people like the stats on off piece gear sooooo much that they think warforged is better than the 4 set. so if you go for warforged your tier of choice would be shoulders and gloves. that mostly only applies to heroic 25 man guilds that have been farming full clears for a while.

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it may also be worth mentioning that dot snapshotting and haste breakpoints, both of which are prominent in spriests of today, will be non-existent in WoD. so if you either arent good at or dont like your spriest now, WoD will offer a somewhat new experience. probably.

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