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[EU-Al'Akir][H] After Effect 8/14HC + WoD, 20-23 CET Wed/Sun/Tuesday

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After Effect is a guild that recently transferred to Al'Akir but has a long history of playing together. We are a close knit group of friends who have established the strong foundations of a community over many years of gaming together. We are recently back from a break from WoW but our WoW raiding days go back as far as TBC, or Vanilla for some players. 

We are much more than simply a raiding guild and pride ourselves on the community environment we have created over the years, wether it's within wow or without, we always have members on, playing games and having fun. Our guild is international, counting people from England, Scotland, Norway, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Estonia, Romania... but we all speak english !

Recruitement status:
We are currently looking for experienced (and geared) players to clean heroic modes, possibly making a second raid group eventually (we're currently 12 active raiders) . We're looking for players more so than "classes" in particular, especially with the WoD class/spec shuffle coming soon, but at the moment we're in dire need of a warlock in particular, and could use a rogue as well. Players looking for a guild to slack/have fun with and not looking to raid seriously before WoD are also welcome.

We use teamspeak and raid on Wednesday/Sunday/Tuesday from 20 to 23 CET, with possibility of opening another day for alt/secondary raid in the future.

A good sense of humor is required, as well as infinite love and respect for bunnies !

Interested in applying? Please visit our website and submit an application :

You can also contact me via in-game mail if you're looking for a discussion on teamspeak to clarify some things

Team After Effect

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      Bound By Blood(EU-Blade's Edge) is a friendly guild with laid back raids, we want you to have fun while also killing some dragons together. This doesn't mean you're allowed to slack in our raids. We want our players to be perform the best they can! Besides that we don't mind helping you with a few things, you don't play alone in our guild.

      Right now we raid thursday/sunday (monday optional) from 20:00-23:00 server time (some times may switch around).

      Right now we are a 10 man heroic guild, so we need quite a few more members for WoD Mythic raiding.

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      Unforgiven was founded in 2011. During its history it has always been a semi-hardcore guild providing an atmosphere where members can raid seriously but still have fun. We are lucky to keep members for a number of years so it is unusual for spots to be available in our raid teams.
      Currently we have two 10 man teams both raiding 8.30pm to 11pm server time - Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays. Social raids occasionally take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays, as do Gold Challenge Runs and very occasionally, organised pvp.
      With the next expansion and the introduction of Mythic Raiding we will merge the two teams to create one Mythic team.
      We require from Raiders an honest, friendly attitude and a commitment to attend raids regularly. Raiders should come with sufficient flasks, food and potions for a raid.
      Current progress:
      Earth Team (with progress 10/14 heroic)
      Fire Team (with progress 7/14 heroic)
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      For Earth Team we require -
      Death Knight or Ret Paladin dps (with tank os)
      For Fire Team we require -
      Elemental shaman with healing os
      Shadow priest with healing os
      If you would like to join the Unforgiven family then register with this website and then click the application link.
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