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Developer Insights: Balancing & Class Set Design

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We finally got the huge balance blog we've been promised for a long time, and it is indeed massive. As you'd expect the blog goes into detail about how exactly the game is balanced and what the goals are, from the effects of paragon levels, the GR cap, seasonal buffs, etc. with many tables showcasing individual class performance in the greater rifts. There's also a big focus on explaining what the balance goal of the game is, aka is it focused around group or solo content, and they also touch on exploits in the game.

It's a great read so here we go:

Blizzard LogoBalance (source)

Developer Insights is our blog where we reveal some of the processes and philosophies behind our updates and designs. We have a lot going on in the world of Sanctuary these days, so please note that the following entry comes from the Diablo III team. Enjoy!

We’ve been working on multiple content patches for Diablo III, including Patch 2.6.7. which we released last November. This included two new class sets, one each for Crusader and Monk, and heavily revamped Whirlwind gameplay for the Barbarian. The result was shattering to the endgame meta—a result we were both ambitiously hoping for and pleased to see.

However, our work is far from done! We’re now developing Patch 2.6.8 and want to provide context on the approach we’re taking to address class set balance in our future patches before unleashing you onto the PTR. Let’s dive right in!

Table of Contents

Paragon & Greater Rift Levels

We look at a ton of data when it comes to balancing Diablo III. Data comes in many forms, including build guides, gameplay from your favorite streamers, and the leaderboards. Most importantly, we also track our own data internally, which allows us to see a lot more than just the top 1000 player clears for each category.

None of that data should be taken in a vacuum; it all comes together to paint a much bigger, constantly shifting picture. Here are a couple things we consider:

  • Individual performers and their Paragon Level
    • Paragon level directly impacts a player’s long-term progress; it’s important that this is accounted for when comparing different points of data
  • The intended design and in-practice functionality of each class set
    • What does this set do best? Does it clear a lot of smaller monsters, or is it a good Rift Guardian killer? Does it serve a support role? Is it better in group play over solo? Does it need to be doing something different?

And here are a couple things we specifically avoid when considering overall class balance:

  • Seasonal buffs and their impact on overall power
    • We want to design fun, engaging Seasonal buffs without worrying about how they might impact class balance
      • Data from non-Seasonal players is especially helpful here
    • Some buffs may be better or worse for different classes, but since Season effects are temporary, we’re okay with this
  • Direct 1:1 class comparison
    • While we want each class to perform similarly, it is still important that classes retain their unique class fantasy
      • Each class should be able to accomplish similar goals, just in different ways

When balancing, we need a point of reference to work around. The “ideal” class set performance for Diablo III is approximately Greater Rift 130, solo, and assumes the character has 5000 Paragon levels. That might sound high to some of you and low to others. If so, that’s good—it means we’ve landed in a middle ground that’s beneficial to the most players!

Assuming a player is at 5000 Paragon, here’s where all the classes landed, on average, a few weeks into Patch 2.6.7 for non-Seasonal play, aggregated across player leaderboard data world-wide:




Demon Hunter



Witch Doctor


GR Avg.








From the data above we have a pretty good idea which classes are under or over performing.

Just for fun, here’s a similar comparison during the same timeframe upscaled in Season (where many players hadn’t reached 5000+ paragon):




Demon Hunter



Witch Doctor


GR Avg.








It’s interesting to see which classes most likely benefit most from the Seasonal buff—it’s also evident which classes are probably not being played as much or pushed as hard as others.

While this is our goal, we also recognize we aren’t always going to hit it perfectly. Like many games, Diablo III has a lot of mechanical details. A single change can ripple through many other parts of the game, so it’s important we’re mindful of what each change can affect. We also realize that, even with special care, it may take us a few tries to achieve our intended result. To account for this, we have a scale for error, based on how a class is performing above or below our guideline:

  • +/- 1-2 Greater Rift Levels: Very close. Probably fine, when accounting for random elements (the perfect “fish”) or high player skill cap (excellent play and timing).
  • +/- 3-4 Greater Rift Levels: The warning zone. We need to watch for buffs/nerfs in this area, but action may not yet be necessary. Time to keep an eye on it!
  • +/- 5 or more Greater Rift Levels: Warrants significant change. At this range, it’s clear that something is over (or under) performing and needs to be addressed.

Bear in mind this is aggregate data; the above tables only cover overall class performance rather than individual class set performance. Better performing builds may be equalizing out weaker ones when it comes to the broader picture. Because we make changes at the set and item level, we must additionally parse out data by build performance (whether it’s a class set or Legacy of Nightmares-based). The above method is meant to serve as an example of our general approach and informs us which classes most likely need more attention first.

The Greater Rift 150 Cap

An important note, especially for those of you who have been looking for this answer: we have no plans to increase the Greater Rift level cap beyond 150. As to why, the short answer is because it causes more problems than it solves.

The long answer is that continuing to expand the end game through additional Greater Rift levels hasn’t been the healthiest approach for Diablo III. At this late stage of game development, we’d prefer to focus on making the current game the best, and most varied, experience it can possibly be. We hope to accomplish this by (1) continuing to add new builds and (2) improving existing builds that have fallen behind. Maintaining a cap, and even backing away from it a little, will allow us to focus on greater gameplay variety.

Solo vs. Group Design

A common misconception is that we balance solely around 4-man groups. While we certainly take it into account, group play is not our only focus because not all players enjoy playing in groups. We want to make sure that the content we’re designing can be enjoyed by the most players, so our design decisions should take both styles into account. If we were to design solely around one style of play, the other would be severely impacted (and likely a lot less fun).

There is one notable exception to this. zDPS, or “zero Damage Per Second,” builds tend to only thrive in group play. The team debated for a long time as to whether this was a style we should encourage or actively avoid (or possibly even remove). Any Diablo game is, at its heart, about killing monsters and getting loot, so we considered heavily whether this gameplay fit the spirit of the game we had made.

zDPS is a style of gameplay that some players like, but not all do. We ultimately decided that it’s good that there are unique ways to play the game, and we don’t want to take that fun away from those who enjoy it. However, we’re also not actively trying to create more zDPS builds. Our intent is to design new item powers and sets that either facilitate entirely new builds that can be used solo or in groups, or to give more item support to some of the most requested class skills. Inevitably, regardless of what we add, we know the community will find combinations we never anticipated—and we can’t wait to see how those play!

“Creative” Game Mechanics and Animations

There have been a handful of problematic gameplay styles that have emerged over time, largely due to creative use of snapshotting or taking advantage of the ability to cancel skill animations. This impedes our efforts at overall game balance, and it makes it very difficult for us to change skills or items without overly punishing the whole class when these tactics aren’t used. (We’re looking at you, Bazooka Wizard and Stutter Steppers.)

We want to be able to address the balance issues these builds pose, but we also don’t want these classes to fall behind as a result of these changes. So how are we handling this? It’s admittedly going to be a game of whack-a-mole as we make fixes and other issues arise through player experimentation. Our first area of concern will be disabling animation cancellation on certain skills. The Crusader class is the most subject to this (though not alone) and we’ll ensure no class falls behind as a result of losing this “trick.” After we tackle this specific issue, we’ll continue to review and revisit areas of the game where similar mechanics are having a negative impact and act accordingly.

Thank You for Reading; We’re Reading Too!

If you’ve read everything, thank you for your attention and taking the time to look through our lens! There’s a ton of info here, and you might not agree with it all; that’s okay. We love to hear what you have to say, so please make sure you’re sharing your feedback in your Class forum, the General forum, or the PTR Feedback forum during our next testing phase. We love Diablo, and whether we’re reading global chat, hanging out on our favorite subreddits, or bantering with you through social media, we’re glad we get to share this journey with you.

We hope this lends an inkling into where we’re going while our other game teams are hard at work on the future of Hell. Thank you for playing—we’re grateful to have you with us along the way!

-The Diablo III Team-


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      There will be two PTR-unique buffs active to help you on your journey: increased Legendary drop rate and double Blood Shard drops. You can also buy new gear for testing from the special PTR vendor, Djank Mi'em, who will exchange Blood Shards for class-specific bags full of Legendary items that we'd love for you to test!
      Class Changes: To ensure that the most significant class changes receive an ample amount of attention, we'd love for you to focus testing and feedback on the Wizard changes around Etched Sigils and Hydras, the Crusader’s Steed Charge build, and the Witch Doctor’s Crazy Chicken build.
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      PATCH 2.6.10
      Table of Contents:
      Seasons Items Bug Fixes Note: All changes apply to all versions of Diablo III, including PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC unless otherwise indicated.
      The shadows, they are moving, and they seem… animated. It is as though they have a will of their own. Whatever this trickery is, perhaps you can use it to your advantage. Let’s see what the demons say when you fight side by side with your own shadow!
      Shadows of the Past: Activating a Shrine/Pylon will spawn in a shadow clone of your class. This clone will randomly have 1 out of 3 predetermined builds. This clone's power will scale with your character and will last for 1 minute or if your character dies. See below for the shadow clone variations that can spawn when activating.
      Developer's Note: We appreciate and gathered feedback regarding the initial list of skills from the clones. We have decided to remove all hard crowd control effects from all kits and balanced each of the build variants to not have a potential buff that is more beneficial than the other 2 in the same class.
      Developer's Note: Adjusted Seasonal Theme's Shadow Clone damage numbers and they can now move unhindered through enemies. Damage numbers should now be more even across all classes
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      Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3 Arcane Orb - Frozen Orb Meteor - Molten Impact Arcane Orb - Obliteration Frost Nova - Bone Chill Arcane Orb - Scorch Disintegrate - Volatility Blizzard - Unrelenting Storm Explosive Blast - Short Fuse Wave of Force - Debilitating Force Energy Twister - Raging Storm Blizzard - Apocalypse Slow Time - Exhaustion Explosive Blast - Obliterate Wave of Force - Heat Wave Energy Twister - Raging Storm Ray of Frost - Black Ice Disintegrate - Convergence Meteor - Star Pact Barbarian
      Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3 Seismic Slam - Rumble Battle Rage - Marauder's Rage Battle Rage - Ferocity Threatening Shout - Falter Threatening Shout - Falter Threatening Shout - Falter Avalanche - Volcano Wrath of The Berserker - Insanity Leap - Launch Earthquake - Molten Fury Sprint - Run Like the Wind Wrath of The Berserker - Insanity Wrath of The Berserker - Insanity Whirlwind - Dust Devils Bash - Pulverize Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss Rend - Lacerate Hammer of The Ancients - Rolling Thunder Monk
      Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3 Lashing Tail Kick - Sweeping Armada Fists of Thunder - Static Charge Exploding Palm - Essence Burn Seven-Sided Strike - Fulminating Onslaught Way of the Hundred Fists - Hands of Lightning Seven-Sided Strike - Sudden Assault Inner Sanctuary - Intervene Crippling Wave - Concussion Lashing Tail Kick - Spinning Flame Kick Epiphany - Soothing Mist Lashing Tail Kick - Vulture Claw Kick Sweeping Wind - Fire Storm Breath of Heaven - Circle of Scorn Dashing Strike - Barrage Wave of Light - Explosive Light Wave of Light - Empowered Wave Sweeping Wind - Blade Storm Epiphany - Inner Fire Necromancer
      Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3 Land of the Dead - Plaguelands Land of the Dead - Plaguelands Land of the Dead - Plaguelands Frailty - Early Grave Frailty - Early Grave Frailty - Early Grave Army of the Dead - Dead Storm Army of the Dead - Blighted Grasp Bone Spirit - Poltergeist Corpse Explosion - Final Embrace Corpse Lance - Ricochet Corpse Lance - Blood Lance Bone Spear - Blood Spear Bone Spear - Blighted Marrow Bone Spear - Shatter Death Nova - Blood Nova Death Nova - Blight Death Nova - Bone Nova Demon Hunter
      Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3 Marked for Death - Valley of Death Marked for Death - Valley of Death Marked for Death - Valley of Death Caltrops - Jagged Spikes Rain Of Vengeance - Dark Cloud Rain Of Vengeance - Shade Fan of Knives - Assassin's Knives Cluster Arrow - Shooting Stars Cluster Arrow - Maelstrom Chakram - Twin Chakrams Multishot - Arsenal Impale - Overpenetration Vengeance - Side Cannons Vengeance - Personal Mortar Chakram - Serpentine Impale - Ricochet Elemental Arrow - Immolation arrow Elemental Arrow - Frost Arrow Crusader
      Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3 Akarat's Champion - Fire Starter Akarat's Champion - Hasteful Akarat's Champion - Rally Falling Sword - Superheated Iron Skin - Flash Falling Sword - Rapid Descent Sweep Attack - Blazing Sweep Blessed Shield - Shattering Throw Heaven's Fury - Split Fury Consecration - Shattered Ground Consecration - Bathed in Light Fist of the Heavens - Retribution Bombardment - Annihilate Blessed Hammer - Limitless Iron Skin - Explosive Skin Condemn - Reciprocate Condemn - Unleashed Condemn - Shattering Explosion
      Rewards: Two unique new rewards, a portrait frame, and a pet will be granted to players who complete the Season 22 Guardian Journey.
      Kanai’s Cube: Additionally, the Kanai’s Cube will have a fourth slot this season. This fourth slot will have the choices of the first 3 slots but will not stack with any of them. The intent is to provide players with creative flexibility to their character builds.
      Return to Top
      Haedrig’s Gifts now grants all class sets and we have a new rotation schedule. This upcoming season, depending on which class you choose, Haedrig’s Gifts will reward you with Horde of the Ninety Savages, Aegis of Valor, Gears of Dreadlands, Patterns of Justice, Masquerade of the Burning Carnival, Mundunugu’s Regalia, or Typhon’s Veil. Stone Gauntlets now drops for all classes. Paragon Bonus Gold Find has been changed to Gold Pickup Radius at 0.1 per point. Item Changes
      New Item* Gelmindor’s Marrow Guards: Bone Spear cast from Simulacrums deal 400-500% 300-400% increased damage. Developer's Note: We see how strong this is performing. We would like to tweak it back a little for now.
      Ivory Tower: Rapid multiple blocks will now scale the damage for Fires of Heaven, up to a maximum of 2.5 times damage. Mantle of Channeling: Removed the 1 second start up before the power takes effect. The Twisted Sword: The Twisted Sword: Energy Twister damage is increased by 125-150% for each Energy Twister you have out up to a maximum of 5. The Raging Storm rune is automatically applied to Energy Twister and allows the tornado to merge with 3 additional Energy Twisters. Unfortunately, this item is not available with PTR vendor, Djank Mi'em. Developer's Note: We want to address the lag situation of multiple Energy Twisters doing AoE by allowing them to combine up to 5 while dealing with their combined damage. We will monitor the situation and see if this is the correct approach. 
      Etched Sigil: While channeling Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, or Ray of Frost, the damage of your Energy Twister is increased by 200-250%, and you also cast Energy Twister every second. Fragment of Destiny: Your Signature Spells attack 50% faster and deal triple damage. You gain a Spectral buff whenever you land an attack with a Signature Spell. Hydras deal 25-30% increased damage for each Spectral stack. Max 10 stacks. Valthek's Rebuke: Energy Twister now travels in a straight path and deals 300-400% increased damage. Winter Flurry: Enemies killed by Cold damage have a 25% chance to release a Frost Nova. Your Hydra deals 125-150% increased damage to enemies in a Blizzard. Wizardspike: Performing an attack has a 25% chance to hurl a Frozen Orb. Arcane Orb deals 300-350% increased damage. Delsere's Magnum Opus: 6 piece bonus increased from 8500% to 12500%. The Typhon's Veil: 6 piece bonus increased from 1300% to 2000%. Norvald's Fervor: Buff 2 piece bonus damage from 100% to 400% Armor of Akkhan: Buff 6 piece bonus damage from 1500% to 2000% Roland's Legacy: Buff 4 piece bonus damage from 13,000% to 17,500% Seeker of the Light: Buff 6 piece Blessed Hammer bonus damage from 12,000% to 15,000% Belt of the Trove: Every 4 seconds, call down Bombardment on a random nearby enemy. Bombardment deals 400-500% increased damage. Mortal Drama: Double the number of Bombardment impacts. Bombardement deals 400-500% increased damage. Thorns of The Invoker: 2-Piece bonus decreased from 350% to 90% and has a cap of 10 stacks. 6-piece bonus increased from 15,000% to 67,500% and increased attack speed bonus from 50% to 100%. Developer's Note: This is to address the Bombardment build that Crusaders have been tearing across the board. We've severely nerfed the 2-piece and compensated in the 6-piece. We also thought about extending the duration of the buff past 2 seconds, but we rather change a couple of things first rather than too many things to see how things play out.
      Manajuma's Way: Angry Chicken explosion damage increased from 400% to 2000%. Manajuma's Way now includes a third legendary affix, which allows angry chicken to spawn a chicken that seeks enemies every second that deals 25% of the angry chicken's explosion damage.  Developer's Note: This build wasn't clearing T16 as fast as we want, so we wanted to give it more juice in an interesting way
      New Item* Ursua's Trodden Effigy: New Witch Doctor Legendary mojo buffing Zombie Charger 100-150%, and spawning more Zombie Bears. Unfortunately, this item is not available with PTR vendor, Djank Mi'em. Developer's Note: More, Bears
      Spirit of Arachyr: Buff 6 piece bonus damage from 9000% to 17,500%. Helltooth Harness: Buff 6 piece bonus damage from 9000% to 17,500%. Scrimshaw: Reduces the Mana cost of Zombie Charger by 75% and increases its damage by 6-7 times. Inna's Mantra: Buff 6 piece bonus damage from 750% to 950%. Shenlong's Spirit: Damage bonus increased from 200% to 350%. Uliana's Strategem Set: Now has 77% damage reduction for 7 seconds after applying Exploding Palm. Developer's Note: This set needed damage reduction much more than a damage boost, so we'll see where this takes it.
      Gungdo Gear: Exploding Palm's on-death explosion applies Exploding Palm. Exploding Palm's damage is increased by 75-100%. Blade of the Tribes: War Cry and Threatening Shout cause an Avalanche and Earthquake. Avalanche and Earthquake both deal 150-200% increased damage. Consolidated Blade of the Tribes Earthquake affix into the new legendary affix so that it's no longer two affixes that buff Earthquake.   
      Developer's Note: This item had a standard affix that boosted earthquake by up to 200%, along with a legendary affix that boosted Avalanche and Earthquake. We've combined those two which means also buffing Avalanche at the same time.
      Return to Top
      Bug Fixes
      Fixed an issue with PC Win32 (32-bit) and macOS clients crashing. Please share any issues on our PTR Bug Report section Fixed Wizardspike to more properly proc Frozen Orb. Simulacrums casting Grim Scythe with Haunted Visions no longer gain double benefit from Trag’Ouls Corroded Fang (currently bugged on the PTR) Blessed Hammer will now destroy itself after hitting 63 targets. Reduced the tick rate of Energy Twister by half and doubled its damage. (currently looking into improving this) Reverted Energy Twister's tick rate and damage back to normal which is 0.5 seconds per tick. Fixed legacy items stacking with the new items from this PTR: Gundo Gear, Blade of the Tribes, Scrimshaw, Belt of the Trove, Mortal Drama, Winter Flurry, Wizardspike, Etched Sigil, and Fragment of Destiny Fixed Necromancer's pets doing extra damage to cursed enemies from a bug caused by the original fix for Haunted Visions + Trag'Ouls Corroded Fang. Return to Top
      How to Participate
      To participate in the public test, you must have a Diablo III game license attached to a Battle.net account in good standing (i.e. one that hasn't been suspended or banned). In addition, you will also need to download and install the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app if you have not already done so.
      Step 1: Restart the Battle.net desktop app.
      Step 2: Navigate to the Diablo III tab on the left-hand menu.
      Step 3: On the Diablo III screen, there is a drop-down menu right above the "Play" button (note that this may say "Install" if you do not have Diablo III currently installed). Select "PTR: Diablo III" from this drop-down menu before proceeding.
      Step 4: Click Install to begin the installation process.
      Your PTR account will be created automatically if you do not already have one. The PTR is available in all supported languages, and accounts from all regions are eligible to participate. For additional assistance with installing and launching the PTR, click here.
      Return to Top
      PTR Character Copy
      The option to copy your existing Diablo III characters from your live account to the PTR will be available and can be done directly through the PTR client. However, only one region per account can be copied at a time. So, if you choose to copy characters from your account in a different region, any previously copied PTR characters will be lost.
      Step 1: Log into the live game and then log out.
      Step 2: Log into PTR client and create a level 1 character. After you're done, return to the main character screen.
      Step 3: Click on the "PTR Copy" button located in the upper right-hand corner. (The PTR Copy button will not appear in-game until you have created a new level 1 character.)
      Step 4: Select your region.
      Step 5: Click "Copy." This will copy all characters on your account from the selected region.
      Step 6: You will be disconnected from the PTR client.
      Step 7: Log back in. Your copied characters will be available for play.
      Please note that you can only copy characters from one gameplay region at a time. If you choose to copy characters from a different region, any previously copied PTR characters will be lost. In addition, you can only copy characters over to your PTR account once every 24 hours. Attempting to copy characters before this cooldown is up will result in an error.
      Return to Top
      As this is a test server, please anticipate uneven game performance, and note that restarts and downtime may occur without warning. Thank you, and we look forward to your feedback!
    • By Staff
      It seems the PTR will continue after all, as we get another week on the test realm with some adjustments to the theme, items and more.
      PTR (source)
      10/20 UPDATE
      PTR is scheduled for an Update (scheduled for this week)
      – PTR and will be extended to 10/27 Patch will include:
      – Seasonal Theme Adjustments
      – Item Nerfs/Buffs/Updates
      – Bug Fixes
      – Dev Comments
    • By Staff
      We got the closing date for the PTR and it's tomorrow! We should also find out more about the actual season details, release date etc when the PTR goes down.
      PTR (source)
      PTR 2.6.10 is up and tentatively scheduled to be down by 10/20. Once it goes down we’ll share updates on our blog (title), general discussion and close down the PTR section.
    • By Staff
      It seems Season 22 is a little farther off than expected, as the PTR has been extended for an unspecified amount of time! There are more server-side issues than Blizzard expected, and they're now asking for additional help with testing:
      PTR (source)
      Hi all -
      We wanted to provide a quick update regarding PTR for 2.6.10.
      As some have experienced, we are seeing reports of some latency and login issues with the current update with PTR. Due to these items, we are planning on extending PTR for an unspecificed amount of time while we continue to troubleshoot the issues behind the scenes.
      During this time, we are asking for help! We would love for people to jump in and play the game as you would on PTR.
      As you are doing this, we will be doing some things that will be changing up the game as we troubleshoot some items on the backend.
      Starting later today, we will be turning off the Shadow Clones seasonal theme. This feature will be turned back on sometime tomorrow. Starting tomorrow (and after we turn back on Shadow Clones), we will be turning off the fourth slot in Kanai’s Cube. This feature will be turned back after a short period of testing with this disabled. There may be some additional testing that will occur after these two phases, but we will update the thread regarding any additional items or adjustments to these testing periods. Please continue to provide feedback or report any issues you encounter through the PTR as we will be paying close attention to these on our end.
      Thanks again for all the help during this PTR testing phase!
    • By Starym
      We have some PTR hotfixes coming, mostly related to the Shadow Clones mechanic and a freeze issue, as well as the Diablo 3 site receiving some upgrades, mostly to the leaderboards.
      Diablo 3 (source 1, 2)
      10/8 Update: Hotfix Incoming
      We’ve read into player issues and want to share some of our findings and plans for an upcoming Hotfix:
      Shadow Clone Dying: The Shadow Clone should only die under the conditions of the player dying or when the 1-minute Shadow Clone spawn timer runs out. Unfortunately, the Shadow Clones dying outside of the designed circumstances and a fix is being worked on to correct this.
      Necromancer Shadow Clone Causing Crashes: Necromancer Shadow Clones are currently causing game crashes for players. We believe this is due to Build Variation 3, specifically with the skill Bone Spirit - Poltergeist.
      Game Freezes at Loading Screens: An issue we’re currently investigating is related to game freezes when loading into a game (error:395002). We’re currently investigating this and want to invite any additional insight on this if you encounter the issue.
      Timing: The team will continue to monitor the current progress of the PTR and we wanted to share that we are aiming to implement a Hotfix for this on 10/9. We understand that due to issue #2, you may be limited to testing the Necromancer. Thank you all for your patience and I’ll post back up when I get more updates.
      Web team has made some adjustments today.
      New URLs for Leaderboards
      Diablo III Rankings
      Diablo III Rankings
      Diablo III Rankings 2
      Diablo III Rankings
      Diablo III Rankings 2
      Diablo III Rankings
        You can also adjust regions on the leaderboard on the top left as noted earlier in this thread. They were still testing things out throughout the day.
      Likewise, they also brought back the region select to the profile page. Players will be able to self-select to view additional regional profiles outside of the one they are currently in.
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