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Monk Macros

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I tinkered around with macros for my monk, so I came up with the following:


#showtooltip Transcendence
/cast Transcendence
^^Needs TomTom addon, sets and points a waypoint to your current location and casts Transendence. This way you can always check if you are within range of your Spirit for the transfer.
#showtooltip Thunder Focus Tea
/cast Thunder Focus Tea
/cast Uplift
^^Instant uplift after Thunder Focus Tea to refresh renewing mist, you need 3 Chi to use this, if you have less than 3, only TFT will be casted. You could add Chi Brew in there since Chi Brew Cooldown = TFT cooldown.
/cast [harm] Crackling Jade Lightning; Soothing Mist
^^One button for CJL and SM
#showtooltip Dematerialize
^^An button to show the cooldown on Dematerialize. Thought you can create a Weakaura for it.
>[Commence discussion]<


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