[US - Sargeras][A]<Grumpy Old Farts> 1/14H Recruiting for 25man in preparation for Mythic

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*Grumpy Old Farts* - An Alliance Raiding Guild on US Sargeras is recruiting for it's new 25man Raid team (to be transitioned to Mythic 20man in WoD)

Guild website (A work in progress) -

Current progression: (10 man) 1/14H SoO. Co-raid led by a 12/14H SoO experienced Officer.

Raiding times: Friday & Saturday Nights 6pm-10pm (server)

Current core spots available:
2 Heals
8 Ranged DPS
2 Melee DPS

Minimum Ilvl required: 550 (however all exceptional applicants will be considered). Raid attendance: 90%. Experience: Ability to Listen, Learn & accept constructive criticism.

Our recruitment/acceptance policy is an 'interview' in our mumble. (A working microphone/headset is compulsory).

We are not all Grumpy and we are not all Old. We do however strive to have an 18 years+ pre-requisite on joining the guild, but if any sub 18 year old can have an intelligent conversation, not vanish all the time due to parent agro, not have his mom pull the internet plug mid-Garrosh during the transition period, or general "I live at home under my parent's rules" behaviour... they are welcome to apply.

GM Bnet ID is Jade#1617, Co-GM's is HnH#1171 feel free to contact either by this method or leave a comment below at any time.


Bnet forum link

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First Night in new guild 13/14 normal.


Night 2 Garrosh dead in 4 pulls.


Happy Days!

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