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Tips for Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse?

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So my guild downed Thok and now we're messing around with Blackfuse.  Admitantly I died a lot  the first few attempts, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it and I didn't die so much later on. 


We're using the same strat Fatboss does, stacking in the outer ring when the turbocharged laser is activated.  I need to remember to use a Barrier at that point.


Anyway, one thing I'd like to ask is how exactly does our stealth talent work in conjunction with him throwing those buzz saws?  It seems like sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 


I'd like to get myself to use Cascade more.


I think that covers my list of concerns, but if anyone would sees any other mistakes I may be making or things I could do better, please say so.

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Spectral Guise is used when you are targeted and while he is in the process of casting.  If you SG before the cast bar starts, you'll still get a Saw Blade.

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Totally skipped over the logs.  Until you get further in, I'll just throw out that your PoM uptime is only 40% and you only used IF/SS once.  I start using it as the second Saw Blade goes out so its up for the first Overload and then use it on CD after that.  Pick something that works for your strat and I know you already know this.. but you have to work it in more than once, even if you're only getting 3min. into the encounter.

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I'd advise against SS on the first Overload. Since damage increases with every OL going off, I'd save it for the second or the third. We have two disc priests in our raid so we have one for each, but you'll waste a lot of healing on the first. After using spirit shell on whatever overload the first time, then keep to that schedule tightly. The overloads happen with exactly one minute between them, ie the second overload of the second shredder will happen exactly one minute after the second overload of the first shredder. This means you can align Spirit Shell perfectly with it, and should do so throughout the fight.


Save your PWS's on the tank that is about to get an electrostatic overcharge so that you apply it as close to the attack as possible so that he takes that much less damage. The later stacks can be rough, so consider coordinating cooldowns as well, eg I use my PS on the 7th stack. 


As Gwen pointed out, if you take Spectral Guise you can use it when he targets you with a sawblade and starts casting to avoid it from spawning.


If your raid is stacked for most of the fight, like ours is, DS is a much better choice than Cascade. Not only can you use it both the first and the third Overload every Shredder, but when you're in the magnetic phase it can help tremendously with keeping the raid up.

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Well, TBH if you're getting 4 overloads, you got bigger problems to deal with. 3 should be what you're aiming for (which is a tanking problem)  Tank either needs to do more damage, or your raid needs to help him by positioning fire in a good spot for him.

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