[US-Mal'Ganis][H] <Socially Inept> 10/14H Looking for Healers and Ranged Dps

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<Socially Inept> is a 25M raiding guild and is recruiting for SoO and beyond. <SI> was formed after the guild <shadows and dust> fell apart during patch 5.4. We have a laid back raid schedule with a hardcore mentality. We are looking for players who play with a positive mindset, and are always looking to improve on their personal play. 


We are currently 10/14H in 25M, and 11/14H 10M. With good attempts on Thok and Siegecrafter. 


Recruitment Needs:

Throughput Healers: Druid, Monk, Shamans, Paladins

Ranged Dps: Mage, SPriest


Will take any applications into consideration, even if it isn't one of the needed classes 


Raid Days:

Monday – 7:30 – 11 Central

Tuesday – 7:30 – 11 Central

Thursday – 7:30 – 11 Central




Nick.Henrichsen@yahoo.com – Galex/Fclol/Nimick




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