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[US-Sargeras][A] <Bastion> 6/14 H 10 Man Wed/Fri/Sat 6-9 PM Server

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About our guild 
Bastion 6/14 is a newer guild on Sargeras looking for new members to replace leaving members from our core progression team (scheduling conflicts). We are a newer guild and are looking to get a solid core group together to continue progression. We're a fairly lenient guild when it comes to our raid environment as well as being active with the gearing/assisting of alts and casual members. We use Mumble as our VOIP program and it is a must for raiding. 


We are hoping to create a great core which will push into WoD and progress the expansion as well. 


Raid Schedule

  • Wednesday 6-9 PM Server
  • Friday 6-9 PM Server
  • Saturday 6-9 PM Server

Recruitment Needs


Healers (2) (w/ DPS OS)

  • Disc Priest (pref w/ good shadow OS)
  • Resto Druid 
  • Resto Shammy 
  • MW Monk

DPS (1)

  • Hunter
  • Elemental Shaman (pref w/ good resto OS)
  • Boomkin (pref w/ good resto OS)


  • 560+ ilvl with legendary cape
  • Similar Heroic experience
  • Sold attendance through progression period. You won't be kicked for missing as long as you have warned an officer ahead of time and is not a recurring issue.

If you're interested feel free to add our GM's battle.net tags for any more info needed or questions.

  • Atlas#1449
  • Ezzme#1206
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