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Early DPS Simulation Numbers!

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An early look at the numbers...mind you, this is very early and is not indicative of what will be shipped live, but they are getting pretty close. These simulations also help you see what you should be prioritizing and where most of your DPS comes from! Great data!!!

Go to the link above to find your specific spec. Click on it and it will open up and show you everything you could ever want to know. One chart you will immediately notice is a chart that says DPET (Damage Per Execution Time). What this is is a calculation of how much damage you do with an ability based on the number of times you used it. For example, a Warlock's highest DPET will always be his Summon Doomguard because you use the ability one time and it does damage for 75 seconds. Take this calculation for example:

Summon Doomguard = 900k damage, 1 cast

Shadowbolt = 1200k damage, 60 casts

Two ways of looking at this is Shadowbolt contributed more of your damage, but you had to use at least 60 globals (+ any casting time used past a global) to execute that much damage. Here, you would divide the total damage you did and divide by the total time spent. For simplicity, let's say Shadowbolt was a 2 second cast. Our new calculation looks like this...

Summon Doomguard = 900k damage, 1 cast, Instant = 900,000/1/1 = 900,000 DPET

Shadowbolt = 1200k damage, 60 casts, 2 second cast = 1,200,000/60/2 = 10,000 DPET

Just thought I'd offer that bit of help explaining something that used to confuse me. On the bottom right hand side, you'll see a chart that is labeled 'What you will be doing' that calculates time spent performing certain abilities. On that chart, Shadowbolt will be a much higher portion of time spent than Summon Doomguard, approximately 120 times that amount, to be more accurate.

If anyone needs help figuring out what your specific chart means, let me know and I will be glad to assist you in deciphering. Without further wait, here are the (very pre-mature) numbers in a Patchwerk type fight with full BiS Tier 14 (end of first raid tier in Mists of Pandaria):

Warrior - 2H Fury - 133.4k

Warrior - 1H Fury - 127.2k

Mage - Fire - 122.7k

Warlock - Demonology - 122.6k

Warlock - Affliction - 121.1k

Mage - Frost - 118.3k

Monk - Windlwalker - 118.0k

Rogue - Subtelty - 117.8k

Druid - Balance - 117.7k

Death Knight - Unholy - 115.5k

Mage - Arcane - 115.0k

Death Knight - 2H Frost - 114.3k

Death Knight - 1H Frost - 113.0k

Rogue - Assassination - 112.7k

Druid - Feral - 112.2k

Shaman - Enhancement - 111.6k

Priest - Shadow - 108.2k

Shaman - Elemental - 108.0k

Rogue - Combat - 106.8k

Hunter - Beast Mastery - 106.8k

Warlock - Destruction - 106.5k

Hunter - Survival - 105.4k

Paladin - Retribution - 104.2k

Warrior - Arms - 98.8k

Hunter - Marksmanship - 95.9k

Some thoughts...

1. Arms Warriors from the top to the bottom...hope the fall doesn't hurt too badly.

2. Frost Mages better than Arcane Mages in PvE? Ultimate Blizzard trolling.

3. Warlocks up after major overhaul. Class still very volatile to nerfs/buffs.

4. Combat Rogues now perform pretty badly. I'm sure this would change if able to cleave two targets.

5. Shamans still suck unless they are Restoration.

6. For you Hunters...I feel for you. But rest assured that you'll be buffed soon. No way all 3 specs stay that low on the totem pole.

7. Retribution is bad again...just an indication Blizzard wants you to tank or heal.

What do you guys think?

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Well I was thinking about switching from prot to ret, but I guess that won't be happening based off those numbers Posted Image . I would pull terrible DPS anyways considering all I do is heal. Guess I'll focus on tanking before MoP comes out. I don't have a hunter, but I feel sorry for those who main one. Maybe they can do better on movement fights possibly? Hopefully there is something the excel at!

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The Mage results remind me of the start of cata where we had to raid in Frost spec and then they nerfed it to the ground and buffed Arcane. I think it's a lot easier for Blizzard to tweak classes now, as they don't have to take into accounts all the modifiers that we used to have from talents, like "Increases crit chance on Fire spell by 1%/2%/3%".

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Remember this is still beta and final number tweaking is not done yet. I even remember a blue post from a few days ago by Ghostcrawler where he indicated per dps class how far done they thought they were. The best in there was 'roughly' tuned. So, nothing is final yet.

But, for a first indication this at least tells me that Blizz have some more tweaking to do :)

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      Ok. so. on both Icy-veins and Simulationcraft the stat priority is both listed as Mastery>Strength>Vers... and on the BiS page it even states 1.33>1.0>.89  respectively for weights

      i'm okay with this. i've actually been using this weight since 105 when gearing up. but i'm missing something and i can't figure it out. When i run simcraft on my 840 ilvl warrior, i'm getting 300k dps, which i'm fine with. however it's telling me that my stat priority is Haste>Mastery>Str.

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      So on the stat priority page it says that mastery is even above strength. I've been following that for awhile, but i noticed simcraft released a legion version and i always love using it for myself. my question is that when i ran my stat scailings in simcraft, i got

      Str: 1
      AP: .95
      Haste: .91
      Mastery: .86
      I'd link armory but i noticed that blizzard hasn't seemed to updated their armory. im getting my 725 ilvl Pre-patch char

      because of the way our mastery works, is this difference in the stats caused by the fact that Pots are Proc based damage (thus increasing in damage with mastery) The neck enchant is a Proc damage, our 2 BiS trinkets are also proc damage, and paladin Greater blessing of Might, if given to us. is proc damage

      The Simcraft official dps ranking has the warrior is 2k stats all around and 13k mastery. so there's definately something to it
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      I did a simulationcraft on myself with current gear and it says I should be about 73k. Meters running during raid show me at about 50k to 55k at most. Does this sound like the correct margin of error for perfect execution versus real world? Should I theoretically be higher than that in actual dps and I might be missing something?
      I am 716 ilevel equipped. 
      First post here, just looking for any help. Let me know if need any other information.
      Normal Mannoroth log -,d=0,c=50
      Normal Archi log -,d=0,c=50
      Armory - currently shows blood which is what I logged out in. Will switch later.)
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      I was looking at SimCraft and I was wondering how does a WW come into a fight with 5 chi as it says I have 100% at the pull. 
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      Also why does Sim have us using Zen over Chi Wave?
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    • By vampirefang
      Hello! was just wondering how to add death coil healing to my action priority list in Simulationcraft for blood tanking
      What I've tried:
      actions+=/death_coil,target=(me),if=buff.lichborne.up&health.pct<70 actions+=/death_coil_heal,if=buff.lichborne.up&health.pct<70 I'll just make it a list because I'll add to it if possible
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