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[EU-Sylvanas][A] <Nostalgia Syndrome> Old Content&WoD Preparation

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Hello everyone!

If you are on the server Sylvanas - EU - Alliance and looking for a guild, please read bellow.

I'm creating a guild named "Nostalgia Syndrome". If you are a player that wants to enjoy old content, either raids, like Molten Core, or dungeons, like The Shattered Halls, in order to collect pieces of gear, pets, mounts, tabards or even to experience fights like Ragnaros or Magtheridon, then you are most welcome to join us! Here at "Nostalgia Syndrome" we provide that to you! We'll make transmorgrification runs, mount runs and pet runs. Those runs/events will be weekly  and with as many players allowed inside the instance/raid. At the moment we won't run Mists of Pandaria raids, however we will run Warlords of Draenor raids. We aren't a hardcore guild, that I can assure you, you can play when you want and with what you want, but I'll leave some requirements at the end of the post, but you can say that we are a casual guild, but with objectives. I just want to be able, together with every member, with you, to create a "vessel" and with its crew, to travel all over Azeroth to explore it's wonders. What I expect from every member is to be respectful towards others, you can voice your opinion but with a 'pint of salt' and to have FUN! Really, that's what I enjoy in this game, it's fun and has lots of things to do. Most of those things with expansions comming, new players playing, that feeling, or those 'old things', that used to be done or achieved, got lost. I want to re-live that and I want YOU to live that aswell.

NOTE: Altough the "theme" of the guild is old content we do farm MoP HCs dungeons and Looking for Raid. So don't fret =)

Being a casual guild doesn't mean we don't have requirements for you. Here, take a look of what are we looking for.

Class: every class is needed;
Level: 80 - 90 with this lvl requirement you can join us, in some runs, as you are leveling up your character;
Guild size: there's no guild member limit, of course that 10 signatures are needed to create the guild. It would be great to keep the guild size under a manageable size;
Alts: yes - but no more than two and it's strongly sugested that you intend to level up those alts;
Playing time: there is no requirement of time you must invest on the game, that's up to you. Use your own judgment in terms of what is "having fun" to you;
Dedication: this is only the mandatory requirement, if you are under the guilds banner, be dedicated. If you sign up for a run or other event, please show up. It's okay when something comes up and real life comes first, always, but if you can't show up please notify;

About communication platforms we'll use RaidCall and Facebook, either a Page or Group, for news and etc.

If we are what you are looking for, or you want to play the game with another perspective, join us!

If you need more information, yeah the post is already long to read, please feel free to contact me:

Character name - Görgoth
Battle.net email - boidomato@gmail.com

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