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List of Corruption Effects on Sale Through June 5th

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The Corruption Effects Vendor switches twice weekly with Assault resets, and so MOTHER is now selling different wares (Preserved Contaminants) for Echoes of Ny'alotha, including Rank 3 Severe and Infinite Stars!

Assaults reset every twice a week along with Corruption effects sold by MOTHER. The next reset will occur on June 5.


List of Corrupted Items Currently on Sale Through June 5

  • Twisted Appendage (Rank 1 // 10 Corruption) for 3,000 Echoes.
    • Your attacks have a chance to spawn a tentacle which Mind Flays your target for Shadow damage every second for 10 seconds.
  • Echoing Void (Rank 2 // 35 Corruption) for 7,875 Echoes.
    • Your damaging abilities build the Echoing Void. Each time it builds, Echoing Void has a chance to collapse, dealing 0.60% of your Health as Shadow damage to all nearby enemies every 1 second until no stacks remain.
  • Severe (Rank 3 // 20 Corruption) for 5,000 Echoes.
    • Increases the amount of Critical Strike you gain from all sources by 12%.
  • Expedient (Rank 1 // 10 Corruption) for 3,000 Echoes.
    • Increases the amount of Haste you gain from all sources by 6%.
  • Racing Pulse (Rank 2 // 20 Corruption) for 5,000 Echoes.
    • Your spells and abilities have a chance to increase your Haste by 728 for 4 seconds.
  • Infinite Stars (Rank 3 // 75 Corruption) for 15,000 Echoes.
    • Your spells and abilities have a chance to strike a nearby enemy with an Infinite Star, dealing Arcane damage and increasing their damage taken from your Infinite Stars by 25%, stacking up to 10 times.

Check out our Corrupted Items guide for more details about the system!

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Went from 28% crit saving Echoes to 55% unbuffed, time to have fun tonight finally 😄

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      Last time we checked it we were almost certain that damn garrison drop would happen, but it took another few days instead and now we're here! DesMephisto has gathered all available plate transmog in the game! Congratulations!
      It's been a long journey, helped by the 40+ plate classes he could run to get some of the rare pieces like the Argus chest and this final garrison one. And so the Formidable Leggings were the final item acquired, so surely they should get some sort of notice from Blizzard, maybe an achievement or similar? Let's take a look at the exact moment and massive amounts of hype when it happened:

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