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DesMephisto's Quest for All the Plate in the World: 97.2% and Shoulders Done!

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Because 49 max level warriors (yes, he got another 3 done since last we checked) isn't enough of a challenge, DesMephisto has also been trying to collect all the plate transmogs available. Now we all try to get as much transmog stuff as possible for our mains/favorite chars, but the difference is, he might actually get it done (especially since he's already at 97.82%)! We talked to him about this ongoing quest of his, but first let's celebrate the fact that he managed to get his final shoulder piece today!

The final item wasn't even RNG-based, but a PvP one, with this arena match being the final step to 1800 rating, the Corrupted Gladiator's Plate Shoulderguards Corrupted Gladiator's Plate Shoulderguards and 428/428 plate shoulders . His reaction is... intense (and profanity-laden)!

And so a big piece of the all plate puzzle is completed, so we dived a little deeper into this particular obsession/passion of DesMephisto's in a short interview.


How long have you been on this “quest” and why did you start in the first place?

It started in Warlords, towards the end when Blizzard announced the account wide transmog. I had always loved having weird items, biggest joy was having Dreadmist helm from Scholomance in Vanilla and wearing it in town. So when Legion came out I started collecting everything in sight, then our good buddy Crieve made ATT (All The Things) and I was really into running old raids and getting transmog, but eventually took a break for a while as the having one lockout a week felt frustrating. (This is part of the reason why World of Warriors exist)

How far along are you?

I’m currently at 97.82% with the remainder of items being in Legion and BFA.

Of the pieces you’ve gotten so far, which have been the most annoying/difficult?

Obviously the most attempts would be Tusks of Mannoroth Tusks of Mannoroth . I had basically brute forced it by using 15 warriors a week with a heroic Garrosh lockout. It took about an hour and a half each week over 4 weeks but it was definitely unreal when it dropped. I had tried beforehand at this but all in all I think the total kills came in around 90ish, which is fairly low.

Before we had legacy mode enabled for Legion, the shoulders off of Mistress Alluradel were pretty hard to get. I took a ton of warriors to Legion and had to have friends help me kill the boss.

Probably the shoulders that drove me the maddest were the Pauldrons of Za'qul Pauldrons of Za'qul. I would use a Za’qul/Azshara lockout and try and spam it on warriors. It was difficult though and I had already seen them drop twice before. When it dropped again, I offered 220k gold on the spot and the person was kind enough to accept my offer. Thankfully due to personal loot, it was made a lot easier, I can’t imagine this being very fun to farm in Shadowlands.

Other crazy items involve Violet Hold, where specific bosses have to spawn and then have to drop the item you need. Both Legion and Wrath basically drove me to insanity trying to predict boss spawns (I think there might be some actual hidden % for Wrath that changes based on the day from what I saw...but maybe I’ve been driven mad by N’zoth)

Currently my biggest struggle is the boots off Ra-Den which requires you to do all of heroic Throne of Thunder, he drops nearly 50 items, with only 6 at any time. A real needle in the haystack.

Of the ones you don’t have yet, which do you think will take you the longest/which are the most annoying or difficult runs to do? 

BoEs are probably going to be the hardest, Morlune's Bracer Morlune's Bracer is a rare drop from Strathomle trash. I even attempted to farm it and ended up with the Rivendare mount before seeing it! They sell for around 70-80k currently, sometimes lower, but it is a pretty maddening drop. The Legion BoEs are also personal loot so it makes the whole process just take an obscene amount of time.

There are the rares in Argus too which have a chance to drop world defiler pieces that can only drop from chests/certain rares. It is all RNG and no real way to target.

Of course then there's clearing mythic content, I need to kill Carapace for helm. That is going to be a challenging feat considering I don’t raid really currently (I’m geared but just haven’t wanted to raid this patch).

Are you saving any for the end and skipping them now?

No, I’m an opportunist. If I get the option, I will definitely jump on it. I usually skip the easier ones and focus on the harder things as it feels more satisfying to go down a hill then up one.

Do you have any 1 specific item in mind for the final one you’ll unlock for that 100% plate collection? And if not, pick one!

Probably Morlune's Bracer Morlune's Bracer, what better way to end something like this then with a transmog you’ll likely never see, lol.

Are there any transmogs that are not available anymore that you regret missing?

Mythic Helya, Elite Warlords of Draenor. Obviously the most important transmog, the most meaningful one, Corrupted Ashbringer Corrupted Ashbringer. Absolutely incredible piece, I’m jealous of Sparty Smallwood. Really wish I had the mind to raid and do Naxx back in BC.

Since we’re on the topic, give us your top favorite plate transmogs!

The elite set from Tomb of Sargeras 2k PvP in Legion. It is just beautiful. The Mythic Helya set was also incredible.

Also, what other projects/quests like this are you working on/planning on atm?

It isn’t set in stone fully yet, I don’t know if I’ll be able to accomplish it, but we’ve talked in the community about Project Need for Speed 60, a 31 day charity event speed running all 31 specs from 1-60. We’re looking at supporting Trans Hotline as many autistic people are also often trans. I’m not entirely sure if my mental health will be able to handle it with everything going on lately though.

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I have to identify with him on the Corrupted Ashbringer part. After the WF Kel'thuzad Nihilum basically went WHELP, THAT'S IT UNTIL BC and stopped raiding/playing. Some of us tried to clear with another guild but it was hard going and eventually even I said *filtered* it. Ah well, I still have T3 naxx Dreadnaught armor i can use on my paladin, guess it'll have to do.

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I actually started this a couple of months ago. I'll never complete it like he's going to do because the current PvP and Raids will stymie me, but it's good fun hunting the AH for drops. I've even had to go back to raids I haven't done for ages because I only have 49/50 appearances from there or something. And it'll keep me going forever.

I really regret missing out on the EN/NH Death Knight elite PvP set. It's my favourite set in the game and I'll be hugely surprised if they ever create a set which captures the DK fantasy better for me. My frustration is increased by the fact I could have got it at the time -- I ground out the normal appearance back when it took an absolute age to acquire. I wasn't lacking in determination, I just didn't bother with the final push to the elite set because I was so pleased when I finally, finally, farmed out the normal one. 

On the other hand, I am rather proud of my Insubordination Boots, if only because I've never seen anybody else use them. 

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16 hours ago, Borgoff33 said:

and when Shadowlands comes out the Quest continues lol

Yep, same as Xirev's (the guy that maxed out all achieves in both Legion and BfA).

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