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Upcoming Druid Changes on Shadowlands Alpha: June 27th

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Blizzard today posted an update on the Druid Convoke the Spirits Covenant Ability. The plan is to make the ability oriented around shapeshift forms and higher-value spells associated with each form. The change should go live in an upcoming Alpha build.


The current iteration of Convoke the SpiritsConvoke the Spirits on Alpha makes you cast Moonfire, Wrath, Regrowth, Rejuvenation, Thrash, Rake, Shred, and Ironfur on appropriate nearby targets in quick succession, favoring your current specialization.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

Thanks for all the feedback on Convoke the SpiritsConvoke the Spirits. It will have a further update in an upcoming build, focused on being oriented more around shapeshift forms, and including higher-value spells associated with each particular form.

Most importantly, the spell list is redesigned. It is no longer the same in every form.
–Spells included in every form: MoonfireMoonfire, Solar WrathWrath, RegrowthRegrowth, RejuvenationRejuvenation, RakeRake, ThrashThrash
–Caster form only: Wild GrowthWild Growth, SwiftmendSwiftmend
–Cat form only: Ferocious BiteFerocious Bite, ShredShred, Tiger's FuryTiger's Fury
–Bear form only: MangleMangle, IronfurIronfur
–Moonkin form only: StarsurgeStarsurge, StarfallStarfall

When used in any given form, spells associated with that form’s role are strongly favored.
StarsurgeStarsurge, StarfallStarfall, and Ferocious BiteFerocious Bite don’t cost resources. SwiftmendSwiftmend doesn’t remove a HoT. Ferocious BiteFerocious Bite does maximum damage. Self-buffs that don’t stack (Tiger's FuryTiger's Fury , StarfallStarfall) won’t overwrite themselves.

A bit of discussion about this ability–one dilemma with it is that while it actually chooses abilities somewhat smartly, it can’t claim to do so perfectly smartly. So the tooltip doesn’t promise to always choose the optimal ability, but in reality it does much better than random chance. Some things that were true in prior iterations, and still true now:
–Spells that apply a DoT or HoT are favored on targets that don’t already have it, and generally won’t reapply to targets that do (some exception for Wild GrowthWild Growth).
–It won’t aggro new creatures that aren’t in combat
–It won’t break CC
–Heals will be more favored relative to other spells if there are lower-HP targets
–Thrash is used more often in Bear Form than in Cat Form

As always, let us know how it feels on alpha.

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