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Blizzard at Gamescom 2020

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Gamescom is going digital this year and Blizzard confirmed their digital participation in the event.

In 2019, Blizzard did not attend gamescom to focus on the development of their current and future titles.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

As part of a renewed effort this year to maintain our focus on development, for our current games and our future projects, we won’t have a booth at gamescom 2019. The show is an important one for the European and global gaming community, and we’re going to miss meeting players in Cologne this year. You’ll still be able to find Blizzard gear in the gamescom 2019 shop area, and we’re looking forward to returning to the gamescom show floor in the future. We’re also looking forward to sharing more details about the projects we’re currently working on when the time is right.

This year, gamescom 2020 will be digital-only and the event runs from August 27 through August 30. Multiple game developers have confirmed their participation, including Activision Blizzard.


The preparations for the world's largest event for computer and video games are in full swing. Numerous companies have already confirmed their digital participation as partners of gamescom 2020.

We look forward to a successful gamescom 2020 with our partners and will keep you up to date on the latest commitments below.

Official partners gamescom 2020

We will keep you up to date on the latest partner commitments.

  • 2Dogs Games Ltd.
  • 2p Games
  • 30 Parallel
  • A2 Softworks
  • Activision Blizzard
  • Aerosoft
  • Afterburner Studios
  • Akupara Games
  • Alersteam
  • Alien Pixel Games
  • All in! Games
  • Altergaze
  • Another Indie Studio
  • Anshar Studios
  • Ape Tribe Games
  • Assemble Entertainment
  • astragon
  • Auroch Digital Ltd
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
  • Bedtime Digital Games
  • Beijing Thinking Stars Technology Development Co. Ltd
  • Bethesda
  • Big Sugar LLC
  • BitComposer
  • Bloober Team
  • Bornstar
  • Bossa Studios
  • Boxelware
  • Broken Arms Games
  • Brytenwalda S.L. / Brytenwalda Studios
  • Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
  • Cave Monsters Ltd
  • Cenprom
  • Clever Plays
  • Creepy Jar
  • Curve Digital
  • Cybershoes GmbH
  • Dark Fracture
  • Digerati Distribution LLC
  • Digifast Inc.
  • Djamacat
  • Dotemu
  • Dragonfly
  • Drop Bear Bytes
  • East Games / Goblinz Studio
  • Electronic Arts
  • Egosoft
  • Enlightened Robot Entertainment
  • ESL
  • EXOR Studios
  • Fabraz
  • Fast Travel Games
  • Feardemic Games
  • Firefly Studios Limited
  • Flip Rhythm
  • Focus Home
  • Ford / Fordzilla
  • Frogwares Ireland
  • FusionPlay
  • Gamera Game
  • Gamers Health United
  • Gaming Minds Studios
  • Gavra Games
  • Gearbox Software and Publishing
  • Geniesoft
  • Goldilock One
  • Grimbart Tales GmbH
  • Happy Broccoli Games
  • Headup
  • Hochschule Mittweida
  • Humble Games
  • Hypnotic Owl
  • Iceberg Interactive
  • Indie Arena Booth
  • ININ Games
  • Intercorona
  • Ironward
  • IT Sonix
  • Kasedo Games
  • Khaylan Arts
  • Klabater
  • Koch Media GmbH
  • KORION Interactive
  • Lince Works
  • Lootboy
  • Mass Creation
  • MediaMarkt eBusiness
  • Merge Games
  • Metamorphosis Games
  • Milky Tea
  • Ministerium des Innern des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Mixtvision
  • Modus Games
  • Monster Couch
  • Neowiz
  • Novaquark
  • Numbermill
  • Ociris GmbH (GPORTAL)
  • Off the Beaten Track games
  • OWN3D media GmbH
  • Passion Republic Games
  • Payload Studios
  • Picker Studio
  • Piece of Cake Studios
  • PIXLVISN media arts academy
  • Playtra
  • Plotrick Co,. Ltd
  • Poki
  • Proletariat
  • QubicGames
  • Realmforge Studios GmbH
  • Red Bull Deutschland GmbH
  • Resistance Studio
  • Ripstone
  • RocketPunch (Beijing) technologies Co.,Ltd
  • Scavengers Studio
  • SEGA Europe
  • SFL Interactive
  • Shedofideas Game Studio
  • ShenZhen XiaoChuang Living Technology Co., Ltd
  • Stonewheat & Sons
  • Streamheroes
  • Strictly Limited Games
  • Super.com
  • Tactical Adventures
  • Take-Two Interactive GmbH / 2K
  • TaleWorlds Entertainment
  • Telekom Deutschland GmbH
  • Terahard
  • Terra Tek Studios Limited
  • The Arcade Crew
  • The Fox Software
  • The Game Bakers
  • Thing Trunk
  • Third Shift Studios
  • Tin Can Studio
  • Top Hat Studios
  • Toplitz Productions
  • Trusted Events GmbH
  • Twisted II Studio
  • Ubisoft
  • Varsav
  • Vertigo Games
  • Vigamus Leonardo
  • Wargaming
  • WhisperGames
  • Wired Productions
  • Witches
  • WP Merchandise
  • Xbox
  • Xeam Solutions
  • Yager
  • Yooreka Games
  • Zombie Mate
  • Zordix


Do you think Blizzard is going to reveal the release date of Shadowlands at gamescom 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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35 minutes ago, Metro said:

Hmmm...Diablo II remastered announcement? *fingers crossed*

God I wish. Though I have a feeling that they'd keep that for Blizzcon

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