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Diablo PC Review from 1997

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Here's another blast from the past. It's a PC review of the original Diablo game from the Computer and Video Games Magazine UK, Issue 185, from April 1997.



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2 hours ago, Yevhen said:

No offense, but one picture is shown 2 times, even in same size.

Are you not able to zoom in? You must click on the image a few times and then you should be able to zoom in and read it, it's caused by our forums software, sorry about that.

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21 hours ago, Stan said:

Are you not able to zoom in? You must click on the image a few times and then you should be able to zoom in and read it, it's caused by our forums software, sorry about that.

I meant in the journal itself, the picture with wizard near the fountain - one is to the bottom right of red DIABLO text, and second is just above the rating field.

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