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Sylvanas As Playable Character or Follower in Skyrim

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It seems it's WoW characters in other games day, as the two main characters of the Shadowlands cinematic both got new interpretations in different formats! While Bolvar went to train for the re-match in Soulcalibur 6, Sylvanas is appropriately preparing for her exploration of the Shadowlands over in Skyrim. You can check her out over at Nexus Mods, where she's apparently her own race, and there's a link for Sylvanas as a follower in there too. Meanwhile, let's take a look:




The "Adventure Series: Sylvanas playable race" mod not only brings the Banshee Queen's signature look to the Elder Scrolls 5, however, but also has her items and some abilities as well, including Wail of the Banshee, Fangs of Kalecgos and more.



Sylvanas is treated just like any other undead in the game, she will be affected by things that hurt them.
Sylvanas can breathe underwater.
Sylvanas health regen is very slow. (balance reasons and because undead)
You can use potions and things that affect health regen
She will have some type of cannibalism mechanic to heal too.
Her Magicka regen is slightly slower.
Her Stam regen is higher.

Starting Stats:
Health: 130
Magicka: 50
Stam: 80

WIP - This will be an innate ability, unlike my LE version. Should be out 8/23/2020 or 8/24/2020

While sneaking indoors or out of direct light you will turn into a shade increasing how strong your stealth is.
Note: You can disable this via the MCM if you do not like the effect every time you go into stealth, I added this as it was a complaint in my original verison in normal Skyrim

Gains the ability to channel dark energy into her arrows, causing arrows to strike for 2x their damage. This ability is gained at level 10 and requires 30 Mana. To use this ability simply fully draw the bow and after 3 seconds the ability will start assuming you have the requirements.

Let out a wail that stuns and staggers opponents. Can be used once a day. Books that teach the words of power are located as follows.


These set of daggers can be found in Bleak Falls Barrow, in the room with the Dragon Wall in front of the chest. 

Can be found in High Gate Ruins, by the dragon wall.

 Can be crafted at the Sky Forge once you have attained the Unfoul Shards.

Sylvanas armor scales with level, and you can create the armor by going to the MCM menu and toggling the spell. Using the spell will create her armor.

You can add this into your game via the console (Search: Deathwhisper) , it is high poly and does not animate at the moment and I can't add it in as core of the game until I either figure out how to optimize and animate it or at least animate the string. But I left it in for those who don't mind.

You also have to add these to the console, the arrows are also pretty high poly but the quiver is custom textured and fits her theme. Again I am not sure how badly this affects performance so I did not add it into the core mod just yet.


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I would not want that woman treading behind me in the wilds, lol.

Those are neat ideas and good works though to the modder.

Imagine an Azeroth revamp of the game?


I remember in Morrowind, Oblivion, then Skyrim, always making orcs and making them some inspired iteration of Nerzhul or Grom Hellscream. Good times.

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"Ok, the dragon and his cult followers are just beyond that ridge.    You've got my back right Sylvannas?"

5 minutes later the legend of the dragonborn comes to an end with a dagger to the back.

"I did say I had his back."

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