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The Shadowlands Pre-patch, the Double Reputation and Experience Buffs

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Blizzard enabled the Impressive Influence 100% increased reputation buff on live servers on Tuesday, September 1st, and we now have both the 2x buffs active at the same time! While the biggest question we still have in regards to Shadowlands is when the pre-patch will drop, some of you might be wondering how it will interact with the two buffs we have active right now, so let's take a look.

First off and unfortunately, the Winds of Wisdom Winds of Wisdom buff will definitely not be following us into the pre-patch, regardless of when it arrives, as Blizzard originally stated when they extended it beyond it's original one-month duration. If you still might be hoping they change their minds again and it gets re-extended, that's extremely unlikely, as leveling in the Shadowlands is already very fast, at least based on what's currently on the beta, even without the removed heirloom bonus.


The Impressive Influence Impressive Influence buff is a different matter, however, and its interaction with the pre-patch is much more interesting. We've already theorized that the most likely dates for the pre-patch arriving are September 22nd or the 29th, with many factors playing a role in our choice. With the information that the reputation buff is here to stay for the entirety of September, this might change things a little, depending on how "clean" you think Blizzard would like to launch the pre-patch.

So what do we mean by "clean"? Well, this particular pre-patch is a bit of a reset button, with its level squish, item level squish, stat squish and basically everything squish, as well as many significant class changes, the new leveling experience and so on. The question then becomes do Blizzard really want that clean slate to also have overlap with an older event, with the reputation buff being active when the pre-patch launches. There's a few possible scenarios here:

  1. The reputation buff isn't taken into consideration at all and the pre-patch happens on the 22nd. We get to play with all the goodies of the pre-expansion intro, event and the rep buff for 9 days.
  2. Blizzard try to minimize the overlap by releasing the pre-patch on the 29th, giving us only 2 days of both being live.
  3. The one month duration of the buff signifies we won't be getting the pre-patch until October 6th at the earliest, as there won't be any overlap at all.

Obviously it's also still possible we see the pre-patch even earlier, but the likelihood of that is low and falling each passing day, as Blizzard will presumably give us at least 2 weeks of warning before the release.


While we're still sticking to our guns and think the pre-patch will arrive on the 22nd, this buff timing has definitely complicated things a little, and we hope it doesn't mean we only get to spend 20 days with the intro to Shadowlands.

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23 minutes ago, SidonisAntares said:

@Starym so I just had an epiphany about why it might be the 29th for pre-patch. International datelines aside, the launch date for Shadowlands is October 27th.....28 Days Later.

Whelp, there it is! Zombies, plagues, it all makes sense! Now they just need to ramp up the speed on the invasion zombies and it's 100% confirmed! ?

  • Haha 1

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