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[Area 52][H] <The Lucky Strikes> is recruiting!

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Update 9/10/20 - Looking for 2-3 DPS (DK, Warlock, Druid) & potentially a Resto Druid / Holy Paladin!

<The Lucky Strikes> is a newly formed Horde guild on Area-52 that is bolstering our numbers for Shadowlands! We are a group of friends that have come together on one server and with a common goal - experience the game with consistent players and progress through content while having a great time with each other!

For Shadowlands, we will be focusing on three areas:

·         Mythic + content - all levels. There will be a wide range of ability levels doing keys constantly and always a group for any level. All guild members will have the chance to earn their Keystone Master achievement or just play with their friends through all key levels. Standout players will be asked to join a push roster that is being developed now and throughout Shadowlands. We will also hold monthly Mythic+ competitions with various prizes for the winning group (or individual).

·         Small Environment Raiding. We will be involved in a small group raiding atmosphere with the goal of acquiring gear for Mythic+. 10-15 people environment doing Normal & Heroic for the Shadowland Vitas of the expansion! Our mythic+ roster will make up the raid comp with off specs and friends off server being utilized to complete content in each patch. No plans of Mythic raiding at the moment but all guild members will be able to earn their AOTC each tier.

·         PvP - Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds! A lot of current members and friends of the guild love to challenge themselves in the arena. This trend will continue into Shadowlands and expanded upon to include guild rated battle grounds and rated arenas for weekly gear!

We will always strive to uphold a friendly environment with an atmosphere that welcomes all experiences of Azeroth!  Alt-o-holics also welcome, we encourage members to know how & want to play many roles!

If you are interested in joining or want more information and see how you would fit into our ranks, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the following players:

Bab - GM - Bab#11582

See you in Shadowlands!

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Really in need of 1-2 healers - capable of healing all level keys & normal/heroic raiding.  A viable DPS / Tank offspec will go a long way as well!

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