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[H] [EU] [Draenor] Adamantium | 3 Days/week raid | Recruiting for Shadowlands

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Guild Information:
Guild Name: Adamantium
Faction: Horde
Realm: Draenor (EU)
Raid days: Wednesday, Sunday, Monday
Raid times: 20.00-23.00 CET

About us
Adamantium is a newly formed guild of irl friends on Dreanor. Most of us are experienced players with past and present raiding experience. We all transferred our characters to Draenor to form this guild. Our goals towards Shadowlands are situated around pve, which means that we aim to progress hc/mythic raid and push m+ keys. 

Our belief is very simple. As we are a group of friends, we want to keep the same spirit throughout the whole guild. We want to keep the old school attitude of having a close-knit, familiar community. All our members are open-hearted and helpful. We all have a sense of humour and like to fool around with each other, with the occasional friendly banter. Nonetheless, we also have our competitive side. We like to push each other, support each other and criticize each other in order to reach our goals. This will always be done in a friendly way. Toxic behaviour will not be tolerated in our guild. 

What can we offer
As our mindset is primarily set on pve, we do weekly M+ dungeons and raids. We plan 3 raiding days as said above. These are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday. Upon release of a new raid, we will progress/farm hc (maybe normal, depending if we need specific gear) on our main characters in order to help our mythic raiding progress and completion. In later stages, when we have hc difficulty on farm and our mains don't need hc gear anymore, you will be able to use and gear your alts in our hc runs. Same goes for mythic difficulty. The moments we aren't raiding you will almost always find people who are looking to complete m+ keys. We aim to push M+ to get +15 keys done for the weekly chest. This to help everyone in the guild getting their highest possible gear reward from their weekly cache.

What do we want from you
Dedication and a good spirit. Having the right mindset and motivation is important. As a guild with pre-defined raiding days and times, we expect very high attendance. It’s important for everyone’s game experience that we progress with the same team as much as possible. Also, you ‘ll need to be able to handle criticism. I emphasize again that this will always be done in a friendly way. 

While we have our competitive side, we also have our fun making, good spirit side. It is only logical that we expect the same from our new members. We like to have fun and take a laugh with each other, even during serious gameplay. Now and then, we have to lessen the tension during progress or other serious content to keep up the good spirits. People who can’t handle some friendly banter won’t most likely fit in our guild. Beside a good spirit we also expect a helpful attitude. Most high end content like raids, M+, etc. require us to play in groups. It’s only natural to help each other form groups and complete this content. This will both help your personal progress and the guild’s progress. 

At last we expect everyone to have at least one main character who is taken care of as if it was your own baby. This means that when a new raid launches, your character has to be ready to progress at its full potential (gearwise etc.). Besides your main character, it’s always useful to have one or more alts ready to go. It might be the case that we need or avoid certain classes for progress on a specific boss. In that case you will be able to switch characters and continue to progress for that boss with the team. 

Our guild aims at two types of goals.The first type is content related, the second type is community related. First off, we are aiming for both AOTC and Cutting Edge achievement for raiding content and timing high m+ keys. By this we mean to complete keys high above the average key completion in the world.

Second, we aim to create a well established community with people who help each other and who create a competitive but healthy environment. In our guild, everyone who deems himself worthy, will be able to join and prove himself for any of our teams/groups. New players will be able to grow and learn the game together with more experienced players. Experienced players on the other hand will be challenged to get the most out of themselves and to improve themselves where possible.  

If you're interested in joining Adamantium, please whisper one of our officers:

On Bnet


PS. We're always open to welcome social applications.

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