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[A][Dalaran] <Pyrrhic> is recruiting for Mythic Raiding in Shadowlands

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Trinity is a newly formed raiding guild with a core roster of Cutting Edge raiders. We came together to create a positive raid environment and push end game content.

At the heart of Trinity there are three main principles:

Attitude: We strive to create a non-toxic raid environment. Understand during the raid you may be called out on continually missing a mechanic or asking for understanding to what is killing you. This is not meant as an attack - voice communication is the fastest way to achieve a mutual understanding. Being able to take constructive feedback in stride is important as we progress on bosses.

Player: We Recruit the Player not the toon. We are seeking like minded individuals that want to play at a high level. For this we ask that each one of our Raiders come prepared for the boss fights and understanding of the mechanics. Due to our limited raid schedule is is extremely important everyone comes prepared.

Performance: Being able to play your class / spec at a high level compared to your peers. As we want to push end game progression as efficiently as possible, this requires each one of our Raiders to understand how to optimize their play and to seek continual improvement. We do not ask for Alts / Splits therefore we will always take the best 20 players we have.

Our Goal is to stay within the US TOP 1000 guilds. Our future goals include climbing into the US TOP 750 then 500.

We are currently opening limited recruiting looking towards Shadowlands. However, even if you do not see your class or spec listed please consider applying. We are open to talking with exceptional players of any class or spec. If you wish to apply please visit our website: https://trinitygg.wordpress.com/

Current recruitment needs:

Unholy or Frost Death Knight

Holy Paladin

Mages of Any Spec


Current Raid times are:

Tuesday and Thursday 8 PM to 11 PM EST. We will be adding a third day, Monday, for the first two weeks of every raid tier to gear up and get into Mythic as fast as possible. Eventually we will have Friday fun/alt runs.

If you have any questions contact our leadership team:

GM: Hopesbrew (discord: Hopes#0165)

Healing Lead: Had (discord: Had#0574)

Recruitment Officer: Zevrys (discord: Moorkov#2081)

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