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Frozen Orb

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Hello, pretty simple question, does Frozen orb snapshot or does it's damage change depending on the buffs you have while its out? It appears to change in damage even after casted but I cannot tell for sure. If someone could help me out that would be great.

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Nope, it doesn't snapshot. It would be too good if it did :D

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      I am currently a 662 frost mage and I am trying to maximize dps. Currently I am using IN, MI, and PC for my last three talents. I've been doing a lot of research about frost bomb because apparently it provides better long term dps. I was wondering if this is true and how to properly use FB to maximize dps. I am doing many personal studies on FB and IN with prismatic crystal and frozen orb. 
      I understand from reading Icy veins that frost bomb is only triggered by FoF and should only be used if you have two charges of FoF for regular rotation. 
      My question is, what is the best way to use Frost Bomb with prismatic crystal and frozen orb? what is the proper casting sequence? I am currently doing PC, FO, FB. Is there a better order?
      What are some other tips that you give me to make Frost Bomb give the most dps?
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      My mage has been my main since WoTLK. I'm just curious as to why haste has gone from being our No. 1 stat priority, to dead last. Is it not still beneficial, more so than crit and mastery?
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    • By Anderson
      With Patch 6.0 dots no update dynamically, thus the topic is outdated.
      An exception for mages is Nether Tempest, which damage is increased by each Arcane Charge by 50%.
      0. Introduction
      Magebomb Snapshotting is an important factor when it comes to optimize your DPS, regardless the spec/build you choose. Since neither the frost mage class guide here on icy-veins nor Akraen's Comprehensive Frostmage Guide covers this topic, I decided to create this guide.
      In nearly all cases, I am not the source of information. All I do is gathering the information and try to present it in a decent way. Some Sections are still under construction or need approval. I will mark them accordingly. 
      I like this guide to become as plain as possible while still covering all aspects.If you miss something, please reply and I try to fill in the blanks.
      1. Basics
      Before we go to the definition and necessity of snapshotting, I'd like to point out that by magebomb only Living Bomb and Nether Tempest  are meant, but not Frost Bomb.
      1.1 Definition
      "Snapshotting is refreshing your mage bomb after getting an intellect/haste proc and refreshing your bomb again, before that proc expires."
      1.2 Necessity
      The damage of each bomb tick relies not on your stats at the time the bomb ticks, but on your stats at the time you casted the bomb (snapshot). By refreshing your bomb after getting a major int/haste proc, bomb DPS is higher even though you spend a gcd for refreshing.
      2. Howto snapshot
      This section explains when you have to refresh your bomb. The rules are different between Single-Target and Multi-Target fights. I assume the use of  Living Bomb for single-target and Nether Tempest for multi-target fights. See Koviko`s Magebomb by Encounter List for magebomb choice in SoO.
      2.1. Single-Target (General)
      "Snapshot (refresh) your bomb, if your current bomb has less than 6 seconds left."
      Applies to:
      Toxic Power from Kardris' Toxic Totem
      Expanded Mind from Purified Bindings of Immerseus
      Extravagant Visions from Frenzied Crystal of Rage 
      Potion of the Jade Serpent from Potion of the Jade Serpent
      Synapse Springs
      Lightweave Embroidery
      Jade Spirit from Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit (Under discussion)
      2.2 Single-Target (Exceptions)
      Wrath of the Darkspear from Black Blood of Y'Shaarj
      This one is tricky but basically the best DPS itself comes from refreshing a single target DoT at 4 sec, then refreshing it again at < 1 sec. This allows you to get stacking effect in the middle and a huge one before it expires.
      Tempus Repit from Sinister Primal Diamond
      Snapshot immediately and before proc expires
      Bloodlust / Time Warp
      Snapshot immediately and before proc expires
      2.3 Multi-Target (General)
      "Snapshot every proc immediately."
      Applies to:
      All procs from Single-Target (General + Exceptions).
      2.4 Multi-Target (Exceptions)
      Some Minor procs are not worthful to be snapshotted immediately in Multi-Target Fights. This would be:
      Synapse Springs
      Lightweave Embroidery
      Jade Spirit from Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit
      4. Differences between spec/bomb
      I am not sure about this section, but I could imagine that snapshotting with mastery build is slightly different to haste build.
      5. Addons
      For optimal snapshotting you need to monitor your procs and their internal cooldowns, so you know when to snapshot. There a several addons available which help monitoring your procs:
      Power Auras Classic 
      Weak Auras 2
      If you want to know, how much stronger your bomb would be after getting a proc, you can use affdots with mage plugin. WARNING: This addon will not tell you when to snapshot! (Even if the colors indicate otherwise). It just gives you the information, how much stronger your bomb would be, in comparison to your active one. You still have to use your brain and monitor your procs.
       6. Questions & Answers
      Q: Snapshotted Toxic Power, immediately after that, Expanded Mind procs. What shall I do?
      A: I don't know, need help from community.
      Q: 2 Fingers of Frost are up and I get a Proc. What do I cast first, Mage Bomb or Ice Lance?
      A: I would say refresh Mage Bomb, than cast Ice Lance because you can't get another FoF in the meantime (except Frozen Orb is active)