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Jenafur Secret Solved! Get Your Own Secret Cat!

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The Jenafur secret has been solved by the secret finding discord! After a clue was released yesterday, following a charity donation drive which accumulated over $5,000 for fibrolamellar cancer research on behalf of Rockefeller University, the hunt was on. Interestingly, the final solution was found by a non-player, as Paul doesn't play WoW or many games in general, but the puzzle looked interesting and a friend was telling him about it, so he decided to give it a go!

Jenafur-Pet-Card-1.jpg   Jenafur-Pet-Card-2.jpg

And so Paul and his WoW friend worked through everything and with the help from the secret finding discord  managed to solve it!

The secret itself involves crazy cat ladies, empty dishes and food scattered across Karazhan, and you can check out the simpler overview of the secret over on Warcraft Secrets, although we'd definitely recommend giving the full solution google doc Paul created a read as well, as it's a really interesting how he came upon the solution. Here's a snippet from the intro:


Hey there, I’m Paul. I’m not a WoW player, in fact I don’t play many video games at all these days, but I am into puzzle solving. A friend of mine had been telling me off and on all about the difficulties the WoW community has had with this puzzle, and convinced me to take a crack at it. I think you’ll be pleased with what I’ve put together here.

My friend has been sending me all the theories the community has put together, and I’ve been reading through them all to see if any seemed particularly worth pursuing. This was easier to narrow down with the most recent (9/12/20) hint. Here are the ones I determined to have relevant information. Credit where it’s due.


https://tiggeroni.github.io/opera/index.html The food and Opera Hall maps from TiggerOni

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gHGIwqJLmxlb47akpPOM6jkq6hC9GOTsxbe6c4rQbLg/edit Raere’s Jenafur Journal

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sE3kt1aVV9xDn11gwyih1uDQu-MvRL-fhUkY8U8cKuE/edit Raere’s Meat Key

Several people who had a copy of Amara’s Wish sheet music

Folks like Chad and Jen and countless others who were sure that the kibbles in some way defined a music staff, made more certain by the most recent hint.

So big thanks once again to everyone involved, from Paul, the secret finding community and the secret creator herself, Amara Strande, who raise a lot of money for a good cause and even thanked everyone for solving her secret when it happened:


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