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World First Solo Il'gynoth Heroic (Ny'alotha): 3+ Hours

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While this version of Il'gynoth isn't from the Emerald Nightmare, he may have given Mulini a literal nightmare, as the Death Knight might have fallen asleep a few times during his 3 hour solo kill! Yes, that's right, Mulini took quite a while taking down one of the last bosses in Heroic Ny'alotha, 3 hours and 10 minutes, in fact (with about 40 hours spent on previous tries and getting the strat right).

We've already seen a solo kill on the boss in Normal mode by Rextroy, but as far as we were able to find out, this is the World First on Heroic! With an item level of 480 and maxed out Versatility Corruptions (8x Rank 3), it's easy to see how Mulini was able to survive, but he also answered the biggest question you probably have about this endeavor:

"Q: But why?
A: Yes, why?

But there's an extra bonus here, as we get a full guide on how it's done during the video, with exact details and, obviously, a very compressed timeframe, as the video is only 11 minutes long:

Here are some more details on the setup, including talents, essences, stats and more, as well as some additional Q&A specifics:


Corruption: Full-Vers% 8xRank3

Will of the Necropolis
Wraith Walk
Voracious Purgatory

Gear: 479.25 ilvl

Stats(out of combat):
748/16,39% Crit 1804/27,06%
Haste 5014/58,99%
Versatility (about 80% in p1, 90% in p2, 100% in p3/4)
1179/48,75% Mastery
Movement speed: 129%

Major: The Crucible of Flame
Minor: Conflict and Strife Aegis of the Deep Memory of Lucid Dreams


Q: But why?
A: Yes, why?

Q: Are you recommending this setup for my lfr/nh/hc/mythic il'gynoth kills?
A: Not at all.

Q: What are the reason for the 3rd minor?
A: Nullification Dynamo was good for survival but the damage component was too big. I tried with Vision of Perfection but the average survival gain was too low. Strength of the Warden is a good option (about 4k hps). Sphere of Suppression is pretty bad because the speed is not consistent while premoving. Memory of Lucid Dreams was 132 vers before vers% and 1,8k hps.

Q: What are the reason for the Voracious?
A: Most of the progresstime i was playing with Bloodworms. Even with Bloodworms it was a gain to stop auto attacking but without skilling into it, i couldn't make the dps-check in phase1. The last 3% Vers% and the last neck level were enough to have to push him even with Voracious. The vantus rune made the check trivial.

Q: What were the big leaps in progression?
A: Stoping the autoattacks in phase2, being able to take Voracious and using vantus rune in the final week. Before the rune the def-cd rotation was VB@4/IBF@5/trinket@6 every 2nd and every other lucidproc or engineering-belt or purgatory@4/VB@5/trinket@6.

Q: What do you mean with the death strike and blood shields at the start of the video?
A: The tankhits are spread 17 seconds apart but can be delayed from beams and mind controls. You need 2 death strike to get enough hp back from the tankhit and you need to be topped. The boss melees alone won't make deathstrike heal over baseheal which is about 150k with hemostasis and vers%. Meeles are about 50k every 1.5s so 1 deathstrike covers about 4.5 seconds if we assume 0 parry/dodge. If we ds at 0,4s and 1,5s after the tankhit bloodshield last until 10,5 and ds only cover 4.5 seconds or you have to get lucky. And using 2 ds prior and after each means 14 cpm which is unrealistic. On the other hand if you delay the 2nd ds after the tankhit near the end of your 5 seconds window e.g. 4,5s and ds near the end of your blood shield to extent the duration you have 4,5+8+9=21.5 enough room most of the time and 3 ds per tankhit is 10.6 cpm(high but doable).


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