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Average Player Leveling in the Pre-patch and Shadowlands Will Take 8-10 Hours

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We've seen plenty of posts with the 1-50 speed leveling records being constantly broken on the Shadowlands beta (getting down to under 3 hours), but today we're taking a look at what that means for average players. The leveling pace has been very high since the Alpha and hasn't really changed much at all, aside from the removal of heirloom effects (which we've talked about already), and while Blizzard has stated that the beta numbers may not be what we see on live, there's less than 2, maybe 3 weeks left until the pre-patch, when all of the leveling changes arrive so it seems extremely likely that this leveling speed is what we're getting.

And so we've enlisted bona fide speed leveling expert DesMephisto to take a slightly deeper look into the topic, so let's see what his thoughts are on the matter:


Leveling is fast in Shadowlands, incredibly fast. I can’t speak entirely for the average playerbase, but I can talk about my experiences and how simplified routing is in Shadowlands versus Retail. In Retail we have to navigate a metric f**kton of quests. Zone to zone flow, min maxing pulls, consumable usage is so critical for 20-70 which takes ~ 5 hours for myself in retail. 1-50 is done in ~ that exact amount of time, by about 2 hours I have epic flying and most consumable usage doesn’t matter.

The consequence of faster leveling, which can be good, is everything is a bit more on the rails. You have more opportunities to take advantage of extreme circumstances, for example Warlords. Warlords of Draenor leveling is the fastest in the game, Blizzard has not nerfed anything which personally I’m thankful for, as it is my favorite expansion already.

As a result of the Azeroth Auto Pilot addon, your average player just chill leveling should be able to knock it out in ~8-10 hours fairly easily. Some consumable usage, maybe a little big on pulls and you’ll be golden to do it in ~7. Part of what makes me a fast leveler is mainly just knowing my routes, knowing my kit, and min maxing. 5 hours is not a lot of time. I suspect with work we’d even see that below 5 hours, maybe 4 in the perfect of scenarios? I definitely think the average player will level SIGNIFICANTLY faster than you can even think of right now.



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I found it to be faster. I was just shy of level 15 entering Redridge from Elwynn. So almost a third of the way to 50 in one zone.

I didn't track the time it took but it felt faster and I think how it feels is the main factor.

In live with heirlooms you'll be killing stuff even faster.

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It's leveling. It's its own game. The race to race the race is just one aspect of it...for speed demons. I look forward to starting an alt at 1 and experiencing the ability to pick and choose when and where to level. Otherwise? Do it now.

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