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DesMephisto on the Return of Single-Minded Fury

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A lot of warriors rejoiced when Single-Minded Fury Single-Minded Fury returned, but none more so than the 49 max level warrior wielding, 99.9% of all plate transmog in the game owning (only 6 left!), speed leveling, autism charity promoting DesMephisto.

We found out about his passion for the return of Single-Minded Fury during our interview, and now that it's confirmed as coming back in Shadowlands, we thought we really should hear his perspective and reaction to the big news! He talks about player identity and how a greater choice is always a good thing, even if most players will only play the top DPS spec, his hatred of DKs for having stolen his class identity, his crazy wait from the Shadowlands reveal and every alpha build since then, and a really great message of perseverance in the specific thing you really want back in the game.

So let's get to it and let the man himself speak:


A while ago Single-Minded Fury Single-Minded Fury was finally shown as coming back to warriors. Since the dawn of Warcraft, well, near dawn, I’ve been a fury warrior. Through and through, I’ve never raided as another spec. Prot? I don’t need protection where I’m going. Arms? No, not for me, I prefer legs. Single minded fury. The speed, the intensity, the rage, the proportional looking weapons on gnomes (also known as toothpicks), it brought me so much joy.

People get caught up on which specialization is the best, which one does the most damage. This is World of Warcraft, a role playing game. I assume a role, I play a character, I have a playstyle, and why am I playing a game? Because I want to live out a fantasy, I want to have fun, I want to feel a reflection of my inner desires brought to life in this incredible world. Dual wielding always seemed so incredibly cool to me, Tales of Symphonia in Lloyd Iriving, the idea of being ambidextrous, the skill, it was incredible to me.


Throw in wearing heavy battle plate, then the speed and ferocity of warriors? What an identity! I latched onto warrior with the grip of a titan. Then it just vanished. The great pruning pruned player power, punishing player personality. My identity was shoehorned into a cookie cutter attempt at diversifying classes, leaving me alone, forced to endure someone else's identity. But it wasn’t mine, it wasn’t me.

I soldiered on, every chance I got, the first thing I always told myself, if I ever got a chance, I would champion for SMF to return. It wasn’t a case of if it'd return, it was a case of WHEN it’d return. Google single minded fury, you’ll see tons of posts from me asking for its return.


I’ve done podcasts, interviews, every single time “what would you like to see return” without hesitation, single minded fury. It is as if though I embodied the concept, for my mind was singled on single minded fury returning.

When it was announced that one handed weapons could be transmoged into fist weapons I HOWL’D with the rage of a screaming volcano, finally, THERE IT WAS. I could have had my dream warrior, a battle driven god of blood lust with fists of *filtered* fury ferociously finishing fights.


BUT NO, ALAS it twas not for me, no.

My rage grew, I saw the DKs, my identity stolen and given to them. I know they hurt too, their two handed Obliterate Obliterates gone, no more big numbers, just constantly out of Breath of Sindragosa Breath of Sindragosa.


But I hated them. They took it from me. Time moved on, Shadowlands neared, HOLINKA TAKES THE STAGE, THIS IS IT I SAY, THE GREAT UNPRUNING, MY SINGLE MINDED FURY IS RETURNING! I SCREAM WITH JOY….nothing. My heart ached. No, this can’t be, SURELY they’ll bring it back! They’re talking about player identity! Player abilities!

Alpha comes...DKs are getting...two handers back...my heart races, surely this means...SURELY THIS MEANS...no...no single minded fury. BUT WAIT, some hope! Ion says they’re looking at it. Every alpha build, I have two one handed swords, first thing I do, I log on and see if I can use Bloodthirst Bloodthirst. SURELY THIS TIME I tell myself. Again and again, build after build, months go by, frustration builds and there is only silence. I have given up. They aren’t going to do it, it just isn’t importan...wait what’s this, A NEW BUILD? SINGLE...MINDED….FURY!? This grown 31 year old man cried tears of joy over the ability to use... pixels.

As someone with 49 max level warriors, and one 110, I think it can be said that I have...an appreciation for warriors. So, single minded fury coming back? It is a big deal to me. My banner? World of Warriors <Single Minded Fury>. Every single warrior? Fury. This is like a thousand Christmases combined into one singular moment of pure joy.

The playstyle people are saying, why is single minded fury coming back? What if it does more damage, what if it does less damage, I sure hope Blizzard can balance it. There are players out there, who love their specs, and refuse to change. They might be at the bottom of the charts, but guess what, YOU CAN *filtered* DO ANYTHING in this game. Your spec isn’t entirely limiting your ability, your obsession with being someone else is. Play the game for fun, play the game in your identity, obviously NOT everything will work, but you don’t need to be in the illusion of the top 1%.

I LOVE the concept that using 1 handers increases my movement speed by 5%. It isn’t a whole lot, 5% isn’t THAT MUCH movement speed, you get that as a racial as a Zandalari. But as someone who loves RPGs, that extra little bit of flavor just holy s**t. This game isn’t all about f***ing numbers.

So this is one, well, 50 fury warriors excited and exhausted to finally be able to play the class the way I love it. It has been a long 1429 days for us but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. If you are passionate about something, survival hunters wanting to DW, warriors wanting gladiator spec to come back, wanting Demon Hunters to have more than 3 abilities in their DPS rotation, be vocal. Blizzard does listen, sometimes you may have to carry your banner til you’ve almost given up hope but it will happen...assuming others agree with you.

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5 minutes ago, Starym said:

But as someone who loves RPGs, that extra little bit of flavor just holy s**t. This game isn’t all about f***ing numbers.

This is the mantra I take with every talent, Azerite trait, Essence, etc. Otherwise the game is no fun.

Pick what you enjoy, pick what you play best - your experience will always be better for it.

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46 minutes ago, durdyenglish said:

Pick what you enjoy, pick what you play best - your experience will always be better for it.

This a thousand times. Unless you're pushing for world firsts or whatever else that will put you in the top 1% of players, where every minute detail that gives an edge is required, then doing what's enjoyable is gonna be the best way to play the game.

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Did someone do the numbers? Will it be better to stay dual wielding 2 handers or will SMF be good? If I recall, for dealing less damage, attack speed was increased, correct? Even though it looks cool, I fear that most people will stick with 2 handers

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The numbers don't matter to those who don't care. Let players have their fun. In the worst case scenario, it is always better to keep a sub-build that deals subpar numbers than eliminating it completely. Players who care/need for numbers can go for the max dps build. For example, I could choose to play dual two-hander when progressing or M20+ and play SMF for M15 or daillies, and vice versa. If Blizz really wants to go crazy a bit, they can even make it so that dual 2H and SMF each have their own specialized "traits" that will be better in some mythic+ affixes and the other way round (but that's hoping too much...) 

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      Shadowlands is less than 2 months away so it's time we took a look at the highlights for the classes and specs of WoW, to make it easier for players to choose which class to pick or return to, and just get a good general overview of the changes coming. We've already covered the specific changes themselves, but now it's time we turned to our experts for this, with each overview penned by our guide writers for the relevant specs. We're starting with Restoration Druids and to also note, other than the Covenants and legendaries, all the rest is relevant for the pre-patch as well, which is coming even sooner.

      Our resident Resto expert Torty takes a look at the Covenant choice, new baseline spells, talents, spell changes and legendary highlights, focusing on PvE, so let's get to it!
      Exciting Changes for Restoration Druids in Shadowlands
      One of the best new features in Shadowlands is Covenants, but Restoration Druid unfortunately has no real choice in the current state of beta. However, we do get a handful of new abilities: most of them returning from previous expansions, with some of them only having been available for other Druid specs, or were locked behind PvP talents.

      Covenant Choice: Night Fae
      Druid Ability - Convoke the Spirits - 2min CD
      Call upon the Night Fae for an eruption of energy, channeling a rapid flurry of 12 Druid spells and abilities over 4 sec.
      The Druid ability granted by the Night Fae is Convoke the Spirits. This 4 Second channeled ability can be cast while moving and will rapidly cast 12 random Druid spells, mainly focused on the form you are currently in. It will cast 8 or 9 spells from your current form: healing spells in caster form, damage spells in Moonkin form, and melee abilities in Cat form. The other 3-4 will be used from a selection of spells from other forms. This makes Convoke the Spirits an extremely flexible ability to use. Need that healing burst for a big AoE? 1-2 Wild Growths, a couple of Swiftmends and a few Rejuvenations make it an insanely strong healing cooldown, even if you do not use anything else with it. Want to absolutely destroy a boss in a dungeon? Convoke with Heart of the Wild can make any DPS player jealous with the burst it does. Convoke even has a small chance to cast Flourish, Full Moon or Feral Frenzy as a bonus. Swiftmends cast by it do not consume HoTs, but they do proc Soul of the Forest.
      In general, it is a very fun ability to use. Seeing raid frames fill up with your HoTs or enemy health rapidly deplete from machine gun ability spam is extremely satisfying. 
      The power of Convoke is such that it makes any other Covenant not competitive, at least in PvE content. While other Covenant abilities put limitations on the amount of targets they hit, have longer cooldowns, drawbacks or even straight up poor numbers, Convoke has virtually no downsides. It does damage, small group healing, big group healing, has relatively low CD. While the generic ability is admittedly the weakest out of all, the power of Convoke more than covers for it and then some. 
      Generic Ability - Soulshape - 1.5min CD
      Turn into a Vulpin, teleporting 15 yds forward and increasing your movement speed by 50%. You may reactivate Soulshape every few sec to teleport again.
      Lasts 12 sec, or indefinitely while in a rest area.
      The generic ability from the Night Fae is Soulshape. Unfortunately, it duplicates a lot of things that Druid already has in its toolkit. Increased movement speed is basically the same as Cat form and the blink distance is short enough that you could use Wild Charge with less hassle. You might find this useful to jump over mechanics that would be otherwise impassable, but that is about it. 

      New Baseline Spells
      Cyclone. This ability used to be baseline before it got locked behind the PvP talent system. You can make mobs immune to everything, including healing and receiving Bolstering keystone affix stacks. It might not be as useful in PvE as it is in PvP, but it has its uses.  Nature's Swiftness. An old favourite returns. This time it is restricted in use to only 3 spells: Regrowth, Rebirth, or Entangling Roots. Still, it provides us with an incredibly powerful instant healing tool on a short 1 minute cooldown.  Stampeding Roar. At different points of the game's history it was available to Restoration Druids or locked only to Guardian and Feral Druids. A fantastic tool in Mythic+ and Raiding. There is even a Finesse Conduit that increases the radius of the speed increase and prolongs the duration. Changed Spell Functionality
      Innervate. If cast on somebody else, you gain the effect at 50% effectiveness. While Innervating other healers is not particularly exciting, especially at the cost of your own power, this might come in very strong in a progression environment.  Regrowth. 40% increased chance for a critical effect if the target is already affected by Regrowth. A very nice change for both Mythic+ healing and tank healing in raids.  Swiftmend. Now consumes Regrowth, Wild Growth or Rejuvenation. Cooldown changed from 25 seconds to 15 seconds. Prosperity (talent) removed. This change makes  Swiftmend less of a rotational ability and more spot healing and/or combo ability. Soul of the Forest will be available for use more often, making it stronger.
      Talent Changes
      Nourish. Replaces Prosperity in the first tier. Heals a friendly target for a moderate amount. Receives triple bonus from Mastery. Probably not a good button, at least with the stats we have in the first season. On top of that, we have 2 different legendaries that significantly buff tank healing.  Typhoon is now locked behind Balance Affinity. Feral Affinity gets Maim and Guardian Affinity gets Incapacitating Roar. On top of that, Balance Affinity gets the Eclipse system from Moonkin druids instead of empowerments we had in Battle for Azeroth.  Heart of the Wild. Replaces Typhoon in the fourth tier. Another old favourite. Significantly increases your damage using Balance and Feral Affinities and provides extra Stamina for Bear form if you are using Guardian Affinity. Overall, a very strong ability that offers good shapeshifting opportunities. Coupled with Convoke the Spirits, this talent is an absolute power house. Who doesn't want to outdamage actual DPS specs on pull?  Overgrowth. Replaces Stonebark in the sixth tier. A very expensive healing spell that applies Rejuvenation, Lifebloom, Wild Growth and Regrowth to the target. Unfortunately, it does not provide a Regrowth instant healing effect, which makes it a lot weaker than it looks at first glance. The mana cost and restrictive cooldown (1 minute) make it unusable in raids, but it very well might see use in the Mythic+ environment. Legendary Effects
      While there are way more Legendary effects than we list here, we tried to focus on the more interesting ones that you might use in Shadowlands. 
      The Dark Titan's Lesson. You may Lifebloom two targets at once, but all of Lifebloom's healing is reduced by 10%. This Legendary effect has obvious strong synergy with Photosynthesis. Yes, you can get both single target and self effects at once. This is a very exciting power to possess in Mythic+. Furthermore, two Lifeblooms proc Clearcasting twice as often. Unfortunately, this legendary is pretty mediocre in raids. Circle of Life and Death. Your damage over time effects deal their damage in 25% less time, and your healing over time effects in 15% less time. This is another power that you will only use in Mythic+. Your DoTs will start doing their damage faster, making your DPS global cooldowns more efficient. The same is true for HoTs, but to a lesser extent. Mostly, this is going to be used for extra damage, although healing increase is not trivial either.  Memory of the Mother Tree. Wild Growth has a 50% chance to cause your next Rejuvenation or Regrowth to apply to 3 additional allies within 20 yards of the target. This is an excellent legendary for raiding. It allows you to ramp for damage events better, it makes your Wild Growth more Mana efficient, and gives overall good throughput. 
      Restoration Druid has not received many rotational changes in Shadowlands from BFA or Legion, so if you haven't played Restoration recently or are getting back into it make sure to check out our current Restoration Druid Shadowlands guide. The baseline is mostly the same, you will only have to adapt to a Covenant ability instead of Essences and add a few keybinds for the new utility buttons we are going to receive. 
      The changes overall make the class more fun. We get new buttons to help the group, use our forms more and even get an extra raid cooldown with an ability to use it for burst DPS. These are extremely powerful tools to have both in raiding and in dungeons.

      Other Spec Highlights:
      Balance Druid Restoration Druid Beast Mastery Hunter Arcane Mage Outlaw Rogue Elemental Shaman Enhancement Shaman Shadow Priest Protection Warrior
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      Item levels have been squished down in the pre-patch, so we're looking at the item level of gear currently rewarded by the Weekly Mythic+ chest.
      Grand Challenger's Bounty will be replaced with the Great Vault in Shadowlands.
      Common Problems
      The Mythic dungeons interface said I would receive a reward of higher level than what I got Opened the weekly Mythic+ cache and received a lower level item than I should have The item level of gear rewarded by the weekly Grand Challenger's Bounty is based on the level of the best keystone dungeon you completed the week before as shown in this chart:
      BEST KEYSTONE IN DUNGEON WEEKLY CHEST Mythic 1 85 0 Mythic 2 90 95 Mythic 3 90 100 Mythic 4 95 105 Mythic 5 100 105 Mythic 6 100 110 Mythic 7 105 115 Mythic 8 110 115 Mythic 9 110 115 Mythic 10 110 120 Mythic 11 115 120 Mythic 12 115 125 Mythic 13 115 125 Mythic 14 120 125 Mythic 15 120 130
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      Exorsus has recently transferred all their characters to the Alliance.
      Castle Nathria is full of bleed effects, and they are effectively countered with the Stoneform (Dwarf Racial), which is why the Exorsus decided to move all their main characters to the Alliance for the race.
      Many players will also be going for World First Level 60s, so the 25% Alliance War Mode Bonus is mandatory to give them a head start.
      The transfer is probably just temporary, and the guild will move back to the Horde when the race is over. Other guilds will likely follow.
      Source: Reddit
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