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[H] [Kazzak] Hadouken are recruiting for Shadowlands AOTC/CE

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Hi there everyone,

Hadouken are a brand new guild on Kazzak EU Horde formed by 2 friends that have been playing the game since the Vanilla days.

We really believe in the community aspect of the game which is our reason for creating the guild, having found the community aspect of the game diminish over the years in WoW. We really believe in bringing this back and having a fun and friendly environment to play in.

We aim to clear the Heroic content as soon as possible on release of the raid in Shadowlands and will aim to push the Mythic content as soon as we can. I myself, as the guild leader am currently 11/12M in Ny'alotha but have recently stopped progressing on N'Zoth due to lack of players.

Currently we're looking for everyone; the guild is only a week old and currently recruitment is slow due to the current state of the game and people taking breaks before Shadowlands. However, we have a small core of people in the guild and are looking to build on that as soon as possible. I also require a raid leader and officers as well. If this would be of any interest to you, please let me know!

The guild will be semi-hardcore and we will probably raid twice a week; this will be decided when the main raid team is formed and we will have a vote. We will not be elitest, but we will definitely expect people to know how to play their class and come prepared to raids with flasks, food etc. People will also be expected to know each fight before each raid, so we do not waste time telling people what to do.

We will aim to be active and have guild events, alt raids, pvp and we will also regularly be running M+ keys too. I really hope to build something special here, but I need people that I can rely on that will stick by us and will help us out with the daily running of the guild.

If you'd like to talk more about joining, please feel free to join the Discord @ https://discord.gg/kgXJXBw or alternatively add me on battle.net @ Creesy#21513.

I look forward to seeing you all in game and for success in Shadowlands, cheers!


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