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Castle Nathria Raid Trinkets Overview

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In our latest post, we are looking at trinkets and their effects from the new Castle Nathria raid.

Bargast's Leash Bargast's Leash

  • Huntsman's Bond Huntsman's Bond - Form Huntsman's Bond with an ally for 30 sec. 25% of incoming damage will be redirected to your bonded ally, up to 0 total damage.

Cabalist's Effigy Cabalist's Effigy

  • Crimson Chorus Crimson Chorus - Join the Crimson Chorus. Every minute, your Critical Strike swells by 162 over 30 sec. before returning to normal. This effect is increased by 10% for each member of the Crimson Chorus in your party.

Consumptive Infusion Consumptive Infusion

  • Consumptive Infusion Consumptive Infusion - Casting a damaging spell causes your next single target heal to grant 82 Leech for 10 sec. This effect may only occur once every 30 sec.

Dreadfire Vessel Dreadfire Vessel

  • Dreadfire Vessel Dreadfire Vessel - Unleash 3 incendiary flames at your target inflicting 0 Fire damage.

Gluttonous Spike Gluttonous Spike

  • Gluttonous Spike Gluttonous Spike - Your autoattacks have a high chance to steal 0 health, healing yourself for three times the health stolen. If this effect overheals, deal 0 Physical damage to nearby enemies over 15 sec, but suppress the lifesteal effect.

Manabound Mirror Manabound Mirror

  • Manabound Mirror Manabound Mirror - For every 3,240 mana spent, store 0 healing within the mirror, up to 0 for 30 sec.
  • Manabound Mirror Manabound Mirror - Heal your target for 0 plus any healing stored within the mirror.

Memory of Past Sins Memory of Past Sins

  • Shattered Psyche Shattered Psyche - Your next 5 damaging abilities inflict Shattered Psyche, dealing 0 Shadow damage and increasing the target's damage taken from Shattered Psyche by 2% for 5 sec, stacking up to 25 times.

Nathria Trinket Nathria Trinket (No Effect Yet)

Nathria Trinket Nathria Trinket (No Effect Yet)

Nathria Trinket Nathria Trinket (No Effect Yet)

Sanguine Vintage Sanguine Vintage

  • Sanguine Vintage Sanguine Vintage - Absorb up to 0 damage, then heal for twice the remaining amount after 6 sec.

Skulker's Wing Skulker's Wing

  • Skulking Predator Skulking Predator - Become the Skulking Predator, gaining 66 speed, decreasing detection radius, and pouncing on the next enemy to come within 8 yards, dealing 0 Physical damage.

Soul Igniter Soul Igniter

  • Soul Ignition Soul Ignition - Activate Soul Igniter, sacrificing up to 0 health over 15 sec to empower Blazing Surge. Reactivate to cast Blazing Surge, dealing 0 Fire damage to enemies in a 40 yard cone, plus up to 80% additional damage, based on how long Soul Igniter was active. Reactivating Soul Igniter begins a one minute cooldown.

Splintered Heart of Al'ar Splintered Heart of Al'ar

  • Splintered Heart of Al'ar Splintered Heart of Al'ar - When you suffer lethal damage, erupt in a burst of flames, inflicting 0 Fire damage to nearby allies and enemies, and recovering 0 health. This effect can only occur once every 8 min.

Stone Legion Heraldry Stone Legion Heraldry

  • Stone Legionnaire Stone Legionnaire - Proclaim your allegiance to the Stone Legion, increasing your Versatility by 53, increased by 10% for each Stone Legionnaire in your party.

Tuft of Smoldering Plumage Tuft of Smoldering Plumage

  • Tuft of Smoldering Plumage Tuft of Smoldering Plumage - Infuse your ally with a tuft of phoenix plumes, healing them for 0 after 6 sec, increased by up to 50% based on your target's missing health. If your ally suffers lethal damage, this effect triggers instantly.
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Maybe it's just me but some of the Agility ones seem a bit 'wonky', and the only one I like out of the group is Stone Legion Heraldry and Memory of Past Sins for DPS...the Tanking ones though....


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