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Updated Skyboxes in Old Zones with Brewfest Toy

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The skyboxes in older zones have really been looking pretty bad for a long time now, especially with new ones getting so good (hello new Icecrown). Many players have been playing around with adding the new ones to the old zones and it seems like one of those changes that would make basically everyone happy. Well, in case you didn't already know, you can check out what the old zones would look like with the new boxes in-game right now!

The Storming Saison Storming Saison Brewfest item lets you see some damn impressive vistas in the old zones as well! The item drops off Coren Direbrew in BRD, but is also being sold by the Thunderbrew Apprentice in the Brewfest area of capital cities. Here's a really impressive one of Ogrimmar, courtesy of redditor kierk3gaard:


Redditor TheVagrantWarrior even got some comparison shots of a few zones with the drink on and off and it's really impressive:

4zfrRcN.jpeg   1GxSXsw.jpeg

ogi8x1X.jpeg   H0w2t18.jpeg

Zt29sQK.jpeg   rTKzf0Q.jpeg


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Sadly, its not sometihng you can turn on and off, its a 5mins buff type of thing.......the clouds look awesome, i am shocked Blizzard didn't think of upgrading the skyboxes........nevermind, its blizzard, of course they didn't think of it....it wouldn't generate $$$ or £££.

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