[EU-TarrenMill][H] <Tempus Ultima> 10m normal SoO.

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Tempus Ultima is a guild that consists mainly of real life friends from Norway. We are looking to start raiding 10M SoO. Although we are just starting to raid, we are all experienced raiders from previous expansions (including server firsts). We just started playing again after a break since Wrath.


We are currently recruiting two tanks.


We are looking to have a good atmosphere in the guild, thats a pretty common thing to say, but we really mean it. Of course we want fast progression, but we want to combine it with a positive atmosphere where we encourage instead of flame :)


Raid days will be Mondays and Wednesdays (will possiblity to add a 3rd day if people want). Raid times will be about 20.00-23.00 (+/- an hour).


You can contact Moomoohealz, Fettslark or Jigz in the game for more information.

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