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[H] [EU-Stormscale] RAID Shadowlands Legends

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About us:
RAID Shadowlands Legends is a guild consisting of old friends who have once again returned for the new expansion, most of whom have extensive end-game raiding experience across multiple expansions.

Our primary focus is on raiding and our aim is to progress content while simply having fun. We are ambitious and would like to achieve as many mythic kills as we can.

Although raiding is our norm, a significant amount of us have an equal love for other activities such as PvP, PvE outside of raids and other random games to maintain a healthy community.

Our journey consists of years raiding together. While the guild is fresh, the core has followed each other since we started raiding together, that’s a testament to how we’ve bonded and we would love to see new faces join us.

As a guild, we put a heavy emphasis on the community aspect that the game allows us to develop, we have an enjoyable Discord and our members are encouraged to make full use of it, aiming to keep cultivating this fun and active community.

We are a two night raiding guild. We raid on Wednesdays and Sundays from 20.00 - 23.00, which might be extended to 3 days depending on the progress.

We care first and foremost about the player, not the character. We will prioritize effort, reliability and performance over experience.
All classes and specs will be considered for now.


Contact us, GM and Officers
Discord: DirtyHaribo#0676, K9#3078, Discy#8261, Browzie#1218
Bnet: DirtyHaribo#2448, Tom#21456, Disciplin#2373, Browzie#2583

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