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[A] Whitemane <Casual> Sun/Mon 6-10 PM PST 9/9 **NO SPLITS**

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Who Are We?

<Casual> is a semi-hardcore PvE focused guild.  We have a solid foundation of experienced players established, but due to the attrition of Classic WoW, we will continue to recruit throughout the life of the game.


What Are Our Expectations and Goals?

<Casual> is motivated to clear all relevant content quickly and efficiently.  We no longer split raids, and instead have chosen to focus on retaining our current roster.  No splitting raids for us means that we have a stacked group every single week, and any prospective member will need to come prepared for serious competition. 




Class Needs

All Classes welcome - Paladin, Fury Warriors, Hunter, Healing Priest, Mage in Demand.


Raid Schedule and Times

Raid 1 - Sun/Mon- 6:00pm PST-10:00pm PST**

Currently we clear AQ40, BWL, and an MC binding run in 4 hours and do not raid Monday night.  However when Naxx comes into the game, raiders will be expected to be available for both nights again.


If you feel your goals for Classic are in line with ours, please join our Discord!


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