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Shadowlands Delayed: The Expansion Won't Launch October 27

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That's great news, to be honest. Blizzard is not being desperate to launch the game ASAP and have a bad launch day. They finally learned from their many mistakes.

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    • By Staff
      Update: there's now an official blue post and tweet on the fix!

      It seems the second fix worked, as Ion Hazzikostas mentioned a new solution, and while it's still not official yet, it's looking like it has already helped some players, and is sure to help the rest when it's implemented for everyone (which it may already have been). 
      Hotfix (source)
      That’s what we were aiming for.
      With a hotfix that went live a few minutes ago, we’ve added more of a bulletproof cleanup for players who were stuck after switching Covenants.
      At this time, if you’re in that state, simply return to Oribos and your character should get fixed up.
    • By Starym
      You'll have to be a bit more careful with your Torghast runs (at least as much as you can when it comes to disconnects etc. (take not of your router reset times!). Blizzard GMs have confirmed that Soul Ash, the currency necessary for legendaries, will NOT be sent to you in the mail if you don't loot it.
      Players have been having various issues which prevented them from looting Soul Ash, and after ticketing the issue, GMs had this to say:
      It may be the case that GMs are simply swamped right now and can't take deeper looks into the specific runs (as it shouldn't be too complicated to see what a player has cleared and how much Soul Ash they actually looted), so maybe this will change in the future in terms of GMs helping out with tickets, but what's for sure is that Soul Ash will not be normally mailed to you if you don't loot it!
    • By Staff
      Oribos is about to get a lot more crowded! 
      Oribos (source)
      We’re working on a hotfix that will end the separation between War Mode and non-War Mode players in Oribos.
      After realm restarts, whenever they next occur, you should no longer need to change your War Mode status to see other players who are in the opposite mode in Oribos.
    • By Starym
      Well, it seems the Covenants are very set in their ways and even after a fix was found for players that switched early and ran into issues, it just did not go through on live servers. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has replied on the matter on twitter, and it seems they're trying to figure out why the fix isn't quite working out on live:
      There are many more comments on the issues in the twitter thread so check that out as well, but let's hope those eager switchers won't be locked out of much more of their week and a fix for the fix will be found soon!
    • By Stan
      Blizzard is collecting feedback about the endgame zone through an NPC in Shadowlands.
      You will meet Ve'rayn in Oribos during the Ve'nari intro questline. The mob asks you a question about the Maw, specifically, if you find it challenging to survive amidst the oppressive and unceasing horrors within the Maw, probably referring to the Eye of the Jailer mechanic.

      Image courtesy of Reddit user tzmx.
      Source: Reddit
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