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Shadowlands Dungeon Boss Ability Damaging Ny'alotha Raid

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Well, the Shadowlands may have been delayed, but they seem to be seeping into the pre-patch in some significant ways. As noticed by several players, Plaguefall and its third boss in particular, Domina Venomblade, is assaulting Ny'alotha - as players are getting damaged by the Fan of Venomblades Fan of Venomblades ability! And it's not a negligible amount of damage either, with it showing around 15% of the damage taken in the encounter for some!

As pointed out by Nnoggie in the twitter thread, this may be the remnant of a testing ground for the ability from the Plaguefall dungeon that wasn't cleaned up  properly and so it's still haunting the encounter or, as frizzaud even more sagely pointed out, Hunters are starting to pull things even from Shadowlands!

While many were expecting the possibility of raiding getting a little tougher after the squish and Corruption removal, this is not quite what anyone had in mind, but it's nice for non-beta players to also experience at least a little bit of the Shadowlands!

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1 minute ago, DahFemur said:

The blade can hit you in another dimension and timeline , terrifying.

Hey, it's the Shadowlands baby, if Devos and Draka can just hop in to our world, why can't a random boss throw some knives around ANOTHER half-dimension made by an Old God?

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Up next...

New affix: Setbacky

Each boss fight in a keystone dungeon spawns a randomly chosen 5-man boss that spams its abilities. 

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Pre-patch exclusive event!

Timewarp affix: 2-3 people of your party randomly get disconnected and relocated in a different part of the game and different expansion.

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1 hour ago, Teufel said:

Up next...

New affix: Setbacky

Each boss fight in a keystone dungeon spawns a randomly chosen 5-man boss that spams its abilities. 

Or the opposite - now that Plaguefall dungeon bosses have invaded Ny'alotha, N'Zoth will return the favor: Raid bosses added to each M+ boss encounter.

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      The other, slightly weirder tip is potentially much more significant, as you could be gaining XP extremely fast while using your professions. Now, this one is from about two weeks ago on the beta, so it's not 100% certain it will work on live, but considering it's a pretty expensive way to level, it just might work. Basically the new profession system brings a lot of XP for crafting, and with enough mats you can speed through the first 6-ish levels very quickly. Here's the full post:
      You can find the new scaled down Dragonflight XP tables here, and you can also check out our leveling guides for each spec for general tips, builds and more.
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      It all started with Blind-nz becoming a mount collector, getting to 400, and then going for all the others that are still available. But then they came across Iska's Mawrat Leash, which was a tricky one to get to begin with, due to a long respawn and having to kill the mount fast before the rider dismounts, but was especially difficult when fewer players were making groups. After months of farming, Blind-nz got invited to a group and finished off their quest. So far, so normal, right?
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      Shadowlands officially ends tomorrow so we should take one final look at the very controversial Covenant system which is leaving us. The final role distribution is going to be a weird one, certainly, with all the Dragonflight pre-patch systems interacting with the Fated raids and the old Shadowlands mechanics, but it's still a fun thing to see, and we get to check out what Evokers picked too!
      The stats are based on top player data from Subcreation, which takes the top parses from Warcraft Logs, as usual.
      Ranged DPS
      Mythic+ saw a mass exodus out of Night Fae, as the Ardenwealdians are still on top there, but lost from 20 to as much as 70% in almost all specs, with only Elemental gaining 50% and Frost Mage 30% in the purple. Devastation Evokers premiered in light blue, sitting at 91% Kyrian, as the spec didn't have much time to experiment.
      Raids also got a massive purple drain, maxing out at 76% for Affliction, and the Covenant distribution looks pretty balanced here, perhaps for the first time in the entire expansion. Evokers didn't get the "get out of Night Fae" memo it seems, as they debut with a nice percentage in the purple, with a 31% minority picking Kyrian.

      Data gathered and presented by Subcreation, based Warcraft Logs numbers.
      Melee DPS
      There were no new specs for melee, but Mythic+ still saw some smaller changes for them, as the close range fighters had a pretty balanced distribution to begin with. The biggest shifts top out at around 40%, with an overall move towards Venthyr, led by Arms returning home. 
      Raids were split between red and purple, and the overall trend continues here, with more Night Fae losing their interest, as Ventyrh becomes the dominant Covenant at the end of the expansion.

      Data gathered and presented by Subcreation, based Warcraft Logs numbers.
      Mythic+ tanks are going in the other direction, as they previously had basically no Night Fae in their ranks, but now Blood is moving to pruple, to a tune of 70%!
      We have the same story in raids, with Blood moving 63% of its forces to Ardenweald and the rest staying pretty much the same. 

      Data gathered and presented by Subcreation, based Warcraft Logs numbers.
      Healers have been a very loyal bunch in the Mythic+ pre-patch, as every single spec merely doubled down and increased their numbres in their already most popular Covenant, with Preservation Evokers taking the hint and going all-in on Kyrian.
      Raids aren't nearly that stable, as we see Night Fae actually gain some footing here, with Discipline moving 54% into the purple. Holy Paladin also made some big changes and went Necrolord, and Preservation wasn't quite as clear on the instrcutions as in M+, having basically split down the middle between NF and Kyrian.

      Data gathered and presented by Subcreation, based Warcraft Logs numbers.

      Well, that's going to be it for Covenants and their importance to the game - at least when it comes to combat performance. They will now be left as what they probably should have started out as - merely cosmetic and role-playing choices with little to no impact on actual gameplay. Hopefully a lesson was learned here that won't soon be forgotten.
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