Plaguefall Quick Dungeon Guide: Video, Boss Strategies, and Trash

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Plaguefall dungeon in the Shadowlands World of Warcraft expansion. This guide aims at giving you proper direction to complete the dungeon (boss strategies and trash mobs) without being unnecessarily long. We also have encounter journal pages, for those who want a complete breakdown of the abilities.


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Mythic+ Difficulty

To see how difficult Plaguefall is to complete on Mythic+ this week, we recommend checking out our Mythic+ dungeon difficulty rankings, linked below.



Please consult our Plaguefall encounter journal pages for more information regarding what the bosses do exactly in each difficulty.



  • Keep the boss off to one side of the platform to make slime spawns easier (Beckon Slime Icon Beckon Slime).
  • Stay very close to the boss to make the random frontal cone easier to dodge (Slime Wave Icon Slime Wave).
  • Position yourself so that the knockback from the boss doesn't send you off the platform (Plaguestomp Icon Plaguestomp).
  • Remove diseases from allies if capable (Debilitating Plague Icon Debilitating Plague).
  • Focus kill and CC the slime spawns to prevent them from getting to the boss and healing him.
  • On Mythic, a much larger slime also spawns that either needs to be focus killed or crowd-controlled for the rest of the encounter.

Doctor Ickus

  • While clearing the trash in his area, avoid the boss as he jumps around to different platforms.
  • Dispel Slime Injection Icon Slime Injection on the tank and kill the small add that spawns from dispelling it.
  • Dodge the AoE leap on a random player (Slime Lunge Icon Slime Lunge).
  • Quickly follow the boss when he jumps away to another platform, and focus kill the Plague Bomb before it explodes (Virulent Explosion Icon Virulent Explosion).
  • Kill the red slime add that the boss occasionally spawns and interrupt its Viral Globs Icon Viral Globs cast.
  • On Mythic, the boss spawns a purple slime instead of a red one. It has a damage reduction aura (Congealed Contagion Icon Congealed Contagion), so tank it away from the Plague Bomb, kill the Plague Bomb, and then kill the slime before switching back to the boss.

Domina Venomblade

  • Remove the poison from the tank if capable (Cytotoxic Slash Icon Cytotoxic Slash).
  • If you get a purple circle around you, quickly move away from other players (Shadow Ambush Icon Shadow Ambush).
  • When the boss spawns webs around the room, each player should quickly move to the center of a different web to reveal each stealthed add (Brood Assassins Icon Brood Assassins). The tank will need to get aggro on these adds immediately.
  • On Mythic, everyone needs to stay close to an ally, in order to avoid getting stunned by Solitary Prey Icon Solitary Prey.

Margrave Stradama

  • Focus kill the add spawned by the boss. It casts a green circle on the ground that needs to be soaked by the tank (Touch of Slime Icon Touch of Slime).
  • Dodge the tentacles that occasionally spawn in the middle of the room. They will cast a cone smash in front of them (Plague Crash Icon Plague Crash).
  • Stay out of the green pool in the middle.
  • On Mythic, stay away from the adds that occasionally spawn around the room while the boss is inactive, or let the tank get aggro on them before going near them.

Notable Trash


Before the First Boss (Globgrog)

  • Fungi Stormer
    • Use a crowd-control ability on the Fungistorm Icon Fungistorm cast, because it does a ton of damage to the entire group.
  • Plaguebelcher
    • Don't stand in front of this mob, because it casts a frontal breath (Belch Plague Icon Belch Plague).
    • Focus kill and CC the Slimy Morsel slimes spawned by Beckon Slime Icon Beckon Slime before they get to the Plaguebelcher, or else they will heal it.

Between the First Boss (Globgrog) and the Second Boss (Ickus)

  • Blighted Spinebreaker
    • Don't stand in front of this mob, because it casts a frontal breath (Festering Belch Icon Festering Belch).
  • Rotting Slimeclaw
    • Remove the disease from the tank if capable, because it is a stacking stat decrease (Corroded Claws Icon Corroded Claws).
  • Rotmarrow Slime
    • Interrupt as many Corrosive Gunk Icon Corrosive Gunk casts as possible, because it applies a stacking debuff on all players.

Between the Second Boss (Ickus) and the Third Boss (Venomblade)

  • Defender of Many Eyes
    • When this mob channels Bulwark of Maldraxxus Icon Bulwark of Maldraxxus, stun the channel or move the other mobs away from the bubble.
  • Venomous Sniper
    • Don't stand in front of this mob, because it casts a frontal cone (Venompiercer Icon Venompiercer).
  • Brood Ambusher
    • Quickly move out of the swirly around this mob, because it will root you for several seconds (Enveloping Webbing Icon Enveloping Webbing)

Between the Third Boss (Venomblade) and the Last Boss (Stradama)

  • Ickor Bileflesh
    • Ickor will teleport around to the nearby packs of adds and aggro them. The adds move very slowly, so you can kite if needed, but continue to target Ickor as you AoE the adds down.


  • 26 Nov. 2020: Added Mythic mechanics and updated the guide for the release of Shadowlands.
  • 06 Jul. 2020: Guide added.
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