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The Simpsons "Predicted Shadowlands" 18 Years Ago

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The Simpsons have been running for almost 30 years now, and it just so happens that the animated sitcom "almost predicted" the events of the Shadowlands pre-patch.

"The Old Man and the Key" was the 13th episode of Season 13 that aired back on March 10th, 2002. Here is where we first saw the famous "Old Man Yells at Cloud" scene that later became a meme.

With the launch of the Shadowlands pre-patch, Blizzard released the Dark Abduction cinematic, where we learn what happens to the racial leaders after the events of the pre-patch, and here is where it gets interesting!

Sylvanas abducts some of the leaders, and on the Alliance side, we have Genn Greymane yelling at her as she disappears.

Funnily enough, Greymane looks like he is yelling at a cloud in the cinematic, which clearly indicates that the Simpsons have predicted the events of the Shadowlands pre-patch 18 years ago!


Source: r/wow

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2 hours ago, Steveson said:

To be honest that's kind of a big stretch right here

Big? More like gigantic stretch. ?

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      Developer Note: Patch 0.9.2 provides a handful of quality-of-life features, Mini and Mission tuning, and bugfixes while we prepare for our next content patch.
      Fixed an issue that would allow Core Hounds to be healed from other sources when they are dead. Fixed an issue causing heals from Minis to affect bosses. Talents
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