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Pure Class: Level 50 Without Choosing a Spec Gets Pretty Hard

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Some strange synchronicity today as multiple players have managed to level their characters without ever choosing a spec. Now while that might sound like a relatively minor inconvenience due to the missing abilities, it turns out it's much more difficult than that. The thing making this possible is the fact that you don't get forced into a spec anymore, there's just the warning to choose one, which you can ignore.

Three separate players have done this, each seemingly completely unaware of the others, and posted their accomplishment on reddit. The feat is made significantly harder by the fact that, according to one of the specless, in addition to losing the spec's abilities, mastery, talents and PvP talents, you also don't scale up properly past level 10, which is when you were supposed to pick your spec. Apparently leveling like this goes ok-ish until around level 40, when it can take several minutes to down even one mob.

The first of this new specless breed was willwarb, who is a Warrior (and nothing else!), who didn't have as much trouble in the higher levels (or at least didn't mention anything about it) and managed to get it all done in around 16 hours.


Then we're on to Aaera the specless Rogue, who took the easier way out, mostly leveling via dungeons and battlegrounds after level 20, with many players commenting on the extremely low DPS, which was about 5% of the dungeon group. And while Aaera thought the character was the World First weakest character, it wasn't to be.


Finally we're on to aldarenn1 the specless Monk, who actually pushed through the latter levels alone, but had a much harder time with the class than the specless Warrior, taking 5 minutes to down mobs with  Spinning Crane Kick Spinning Crane Kick and Effuse Effuse.



And so a new breed rises in Azeroth, following in the footsteps of Doubleagent, the factionless max level Pandaren. They are the purest form of their class and showed great determination in reaching the top with as few tool as possible, all in service of... well nothing really, but it's still cool!

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Kudos to these people, but not at the same time (LOL?). I mean its always fun to pose that question, such as "can you max level without a spec in the new xpac/pre-patch?" and then try it and laugh about it... maybe show people. In the end this feels like a "look at me" topic rather than one to help or even show something legitimate. I just hope that nobody see's this and literally thinks a specless or 'pure class' is a real new thing to try and do with any level of seriousness. 

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Kudos on leveling to max. As for Aaera, letting yourself be carried by other ppl and not even paying for it is kind of a *filtered* move now isn't it? ?

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nice another way to troll people like those multiboxing assholes that just let people on follow the whole dungeon without doing anyhting  now we have people that intentional run without damage in those.. nice job blizz

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