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[A][US][Stormrage][Social/Leveling][Recruiting]<Graveyard of Shadows> Fresh out of Hibernation and Recruiting once more!

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The <Graveyard of Shadows> is an 18+ guild that has just come out of BFA hibernation and is looking to recruit for Shadowlands! Whether you are a new or veteran player, casual or hardcore, we welcome anyone looking for a new home! Our goals with the guild are simple, to provide a chill and fun atmosphere. At this time, we are not doing any scheduled Raiding or PvP content as we are focusing on recruitment to fill our ranks once again right now. (Currently at 21 members with a majority inactive with a 2 month inactivity removal purge in place.) If you are interested in hosting Raid and PvP you are more than welcome to volunteer!

Since its creation, the guild has been built on the foundation of Trust and Respect. Due to past experience with guilds, the <Graveyard of Shadows> maintains a Zero Tolerance Policy on drama. As mentioned above, we have an age requirement of 18+ and is enforced heavily unless they are pardoned. (More information on that can be found in the rules channel on our Discord server.)

We are not just another WoW guild, we are also striving to create a community that has the same atmosphere the guild provides on our Discord server and other games that we may play. All of the rules found on our Discord applies to both our guild and the community as a whole.

If you have any questions, you can contact me through Discord or by replying below. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!


Discord: Palpachu#2401

Battlenet: Palpachu#11656


~Deathlord Raumentonus, Archangel of <Graveyard of Shadows>


Join us on Discord today!

Guild/Community Discord: https://discord.gg/HjErcFt


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