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[A][Ravencrest] <Breakfast Raiders> Daytime Raiding Guild (Morning)

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Greetings fellows and welcome!

<Breakfast Raiders>

Is an Alliance Morning raiding guild on the EU Server Ravencrest, we are going to be progressing Heroic & Mythic in the forthcoming Shadowlands Expansion. The Goal is to get the Ahead of the Curve achievement and then progress into Mythic, down some bosses and have fun to boot! All with the aid of our main sponsor, Coffee!

This Project Specifically

Now that’s out of the way, the intention of this thread is to recruit you lovely peole that want to raid in the Mornings whilst still being able to secure an everyday life outside of gaming the rest of the day! We encourage wholesomeness, helping each other out and making it a pleasant time for everyone involved when online! We have a non toxicity policy which provides a haven for you whilst playing with us!

Raid times:

Thursday&Friday: 9:00am to 12:00pm - with the option of an extra day if things get serious ?

What is Breakfast Raiders **looking for?**We are currently recruiting:

Ranged dps: Few Spots open

Melee dps:  Paused

What if Raiding ain’t my thing?

First of all, welcome to you too! And no worries my friend, raiding is not everything this Guild stands for - as much as daytime raiding matters to Breakfast Raiders , socializing, Dungeons, M+, PvP’ing and just chatting around means just as much if not even more We believe a solid & engaging community is key to creating the right environment for successful raiding and everyday guild life!

Regardless of your ingame intentions we would love to have you on board to join in the fun!

Please add us on Battle.net or simply join the Discord for more questions!

Bnet: MrMax#2149, HiddenSquid#2154120 

Discord link: https:// discord.gg/Qb8vMYs (Remove spaces)

I hope to be able to have a chat with you very soon!

Have a nice day and thanks for passing by!

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