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Aggrophobia is a Progression, Pre-BiS, and BiS Raiding guild.
We are smaller and focus on building our raid team with the best quality people/players we can find.
If you are late to Classic as many of us are, then this is the guild for you.
We are inclusive of all roles and we do not run Meta comps.
Now and in the past, we have overcome great obstacles by just having fun, obstacles with bad odds that we were told we were not capable of beating.

Our goal is to get to know everyone, you are not just an avatar here. We are a co-op of friends, and we have a great time together.

We are not a gigantic guild of bench warmers and casuals, everyone gets a chance to run content. Our intent is not to buff our numbers with guild members who only occasionally log in, we are in it for the long game, and have our eyes set on having a great team when TBC launches.

This does not mean we are not set upon AQ20/40/Naxx and BWL. It merely means our commitment, friendship, and cohesive teamwork is more important right now as we build then chasing purples and still feeling alone. We are set on having a great team, not a solo adventure.

Weekend raiding guild, add more days to our raiding schedule as needed.

At the moment we run any content to help gear BiS and prepare you for raiding.
We run ZG on Fridays and Wednesday at 8:30 PM and Molten Core as a group with other guilds on the server until we are large enough to manage our own.

Transparency would show that once we are beyond 20+ raiders we will commit to 40 player content via Mankrik PUGS until we are a full 40 player raiding guild.

Our loot is exceptionally fair as we use softres.it for gear and MS>OS then roll for DE or BoE to use as you wish. No harsh rules set in place or DKP

Soft Reserve, if there is something important for your class this will be taken into consideration before the raid is scheduled to begin.

We know people have busy lives and family roles.

We expect you to be able to play and help the guild as much as you can, but if you do not log in or help after 14 days of absence you will be removed.

1-2 x DPS Fury/ Prot Tank
2x Priests – (Shadow or Healing)
2x Mages
2X Druids (resto, or dps/tank)
1x DPS Warrior
1x DPS Rogue
1x DPS Shaman

Smushy#8068 in-game: Maggothole, Smushy, Severium
meltycrayon#6974 in-game: Öhm, Wojownik, Meltycrayon
Bauren#0864 in-game: Bauren, Pommfritts, Tschus
Ozulu (Landon)#6226 in-game: Ozulu, Luzan

We cannot wait to meet you and for you to become a member of our community!

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