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Lore of the Shadowlands Pre-Patch (Quick Recap)

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A quick recap of the Shadowlands pre-patch lore. This post obviously contains spoilers.

The Shadowlands Cinematic

The pre-patch's lore starts after the fight between Bolvar and Sylvanas took place in the official cinematic. The Helm of Domination has been shattered, and Sylvanas has torn the veil between life and death.

The Dark Abduction

The trailer shows Bolvar recovering from the fight between Sylvanas. He reflects on how he saw Sylvanas coming one day to seize the power of the helm for herself, but instead, she has done the unthinkable.

Suddenly, we see the Mawsworn appear, and they kidnap Anduin, Jaina, Baine, and Thrall on Sylvanas' behalf.

Scourge Invasions

With the helm shattered and without a master, the Scourge start running rampant across Azeroth, which is the main reason for Scourge Invasions and the pre-patch event. We witness the presence of the Mawsworn in Icecrown for the first time.

The Fate of Nathanos

The pre-patch event unraveled the fate of Nathanos Blightcaller, who has been finished off by Tyrande, the Night Warrior, and sent to the Shadowlands. Nathanos mocks her even in his final moments... Tyrande wants to know where Sylvanas' whereabouts, and Nathanos tells her she's with HIM, probably referring to the Jailer. At least Tyrande got her vengeance for Teldrassil!

This sums up the lore of the Shadowlands pre-patch. The story will continue with the Shadowlands Intro Questline on November 23.

The Aftermath (Notable Characters' Reactions)

Various faction leaders and other notable characters react to what Sylvanas has done in the pre-patch.

Alliance Leaders

Shandris Feathermoon, Taelia Fordragon, Genn Greymane, and Matthias Shaw react to the abductions. Taelia says she was with Jaina when the Mawsworn came for her. Shaw blames himself that Anduin was captured because he was spending time with Flynn.

Shandris Feathermoon

It seems my mother was the only target who avoided capture.

I should give thanks to Elune for such a blessing.

<Shandris's brow furrows.>

Yes, mi minn'do laid waste to the dark manifestations the Banshee sent for her. But the power she displayed, the ferocity she unleashed, something about it was... troubling.

She knew there was a price to be paid for undertaking the ritual of the Night Warrior. With each day that passes, I fear the price will come due.


Taelia Fordragon

I was at the Lord Admiral's side when those monsters came for her.

They struck so fast. She could hardly cast a spell before their chains enveloped her.

She fought all she could, but it wasn't enough.

I... I couldn't stop them.

But by the tides, I swear I'll see this through. No matter where I have to go, or what I have to face.


Genn Greymane

The Banshee's accursed shadow hangs over us all.

She will pay for what she's done!


Master Mathias Shaw

The king was taken on my watch. I should've had more agents assigned to him. This is what happens when I let my guard down. When I allow my--

<Shaw takes a deep breath.>

No, damn it. This was her doing. I won't blame myself for finding happiness. Anduin would be the first to tell me that. We're going to find him. The others, too. Whatever it takes.


Horde Leaders

On the Horde side, we have Rokhan, Mayla Highmountain, Aggra, Lor'themar, Calia, Lilian Voss, and Valeera Sanguinar, and you can find their reactions below.


Dis be a perilous time for da Horde. Our wounds still be fresh, and da Banshee be inflictin' even fresher ones.

Da Scourge be risin' too. If we don't be careful, Death gonna take hold of dis world. We all gotta stay vigilant.

Queen Talanji be back in Zuldazar, defendin' her kingdom. Don't know if ya heard. but she been facin' problems on her own.

Da Horde gotta stand strong, Name. No matter what be risin' from da shadows.


Mayla Highmountain

Baine endured so much during the war. He did all he could to make the Horde strong. But more than that, he fought to reclaim its honor. Its heart.

The Banshee failed to break him, so of course she would lash out like this. A cowardly attack was all she had left.

Baine means... a great deal to me. But my people--and his--are gripped by fear. Now is not the time for me to leave them, even for his sake.

So I ask you, Name, to fight to save him. As he fought to save the Horde.



We had a life in Nagrand. A home. We were happy.

<Aggra looks wistfully into the distance.>

But... Go'el needed to return. We all did. For the sake of the Horde. And for Saurfang.

The Banshee's forces took us by surprise. We fought fiercely, but it was not enough.

I know wherever they took him, Go'el will keep on fighting.

He would want me to stay and safeguard the children. So I ask you, Name, to go in my stead.

Find him. Find them all. And bring them home.


Lor'themar Theron

The council we have assembled to lead the Horde is still in its infancy.

Sylvanas knows this. The abduction was intended to undermine our council's stability.

But we will not let her succeed.


Calia Menethil

When I worked with King Wrynn to arrange a meeting between the living and the undead in Arathi, I thought I understood the Forsaken. Only too late did I realize how little I knew.

But after being raised into undeath myself, I have begun to see the depths of what they have endured. With the help of Lillian Voss, I have found ways to aid those who feel abandoned and alone.

Right now, the whole world trembles beneath the specter of death. And fear, left unchecked, will consume every soul it touches.

I cannot allow that to happen. Not to the people of Lordaeron, nor to any who fight for the good of Azeroth.


Lilian Voss

The war taught me many lessons. Who I could trust... and who I could not.

Through her actions, Sylvanas has proven that she doesn't care about the Forsaken's faster. But we have endured too much to allow her betrayal to unravel what we have built.

<Lillian peers at you through narrow eyes.>

You think my words harsh, Name? Did you willfully do her bidding? Turn a blind eye upon her endless atrocities?

Windrunner chose her path--and her allies. We all did.

Once, I would have sought vengeance. Retribution. But now, I care only that the Forsaken have a future. And for that, we need the right leaders in place.

I will lend my voice to the Horde council and speak for my people. For a time, at least.


Valeera Sanguinar

Make no mistake. I have friends on both sides, Horde and Alliance.

I refuse to fight with one against the other. There is more at stake than political posturing.

Our world is imperiled. I will work with whomever I must to help save it.


There's also a special "Stay Awhile and Listen" dialogue between Calia and Valeera in Orgrimmar.

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Tyranda beheading Nathanos was apart of the Shadowlands leak from 4Chan - interestingly enough it was dismissed as false for presumably being too violent for the game's rating.

The cutscene was brutal, even more so than Varian's death on the Broken Shore. It's a good indicator that Shadowlands aims to have an appropriately grim and mature vibe, in line with the growing trend following the backlash from MOPs light-hearted nature.

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2 minutes ago, durdyenglish said:

Tyranda beheading Nathanos was apart of the Shadowlands leak from 4Chan - interestingly enough it was dismissed as false for presumably being too violent for the game's rating.

The cutscene was brutal, even more so than Varian's death on the Broken Shore. It's a good indicator that Shadowlands aims to have an appropriately grim and mature vibe, in line with the growing trend following the backlash from MOPs light-hearted nature.

What else was in that leak?

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1 hour ago, Dejo93 said:

What else was in that leak?

Search Shadowlands 4Chan leak, I think MMO Champion had a break down of it. 

I reread it recently - 95% is dead wrong, the other 5% is close but not really, and you can chalk this beheading moment up to logical and/or lucky guess.



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There is an event between Talia and Greymane as well, much like Valeera and Calia in the horde gathering. The alliance version discuss Bolvar, whats with him being Talia's father and all. 

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I wonder how Mawsworm were able to resurrect so many of the Scourge leaders/bosses, as they appear as rares in Icecrown. Was there a secret storage of dead bodies, no one has destroyed or burned them? Unless it's some other magic stuff, like pulling or recreating them from Shadowlads? Seems pretty weird.

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