Shadowlands Pre-Patch Event Guide

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This guide covers everything coming to World of Warcraft in the Shadowlands pre-patch.



The Shadowlands pre-patch event goes live October 13, 2020 (US) or October 14, 2020 (EU).

For more details, please, read the official Shadowlands Pre-Patch Notes .

It is important to note, however, that not all the content will be available on Day 1 of the pre-patch.

The pre-patch event can be summarized into two content stages.


Stage 1

  • Depending on your faction, you will receive the intro quest from your racial leader and learn that the undead Scourge are swarming in numbers not seen since the return of the Lich King.
  • Furthermore, you will find out two of your faction's leaders have been abducted by Sylvanas Windrunner.
  • The Scourge's unbound hunger has been unleashed, and it is only a matter of time before they will be swarming the streets.
  • The Death Knights of the Ebon Blade have stepped forward to aid you and the Argent Crusade has returned to answer the call.
  • Bolvar, now free of the Lich King's crown, is recovering in Acherus.
  • You are sent to investigate the Scourge Presence in different areas, depending on your faction.
  • After arriving back to Orgrimmar (Alliance) or Stormwind (Horde), you will find out that Nathanos Blightcaller has been spotted in the Eastern Plaguelands and are tasked to slay him.

World Boss Nathanos

A weekly quest will unlock that sends you to the Eastern Plaguelands (The Marris Stead) to kill Nathanos Blightcaller.

You will receive Deathguard Equipment Cache Icon Deathguard Equipment Cache which contains a piece of Item Level 72 loot for your Loot Specialization.

You can find Nathanos' exact location on the map below.


Stage 2

During Stage 2, you will secure a foothold in Icecrown and unlock Daily Quests in the zone. Icecrown now scales up to Level 50, and the zone has been updated with 20 Elites that rotate on a 20-minute timer. These drop Item Level 100 loot.

The most notable item you can acquire during the pre-patch is a 34-slot bag called Papa's Mint Condition Bag Icon Papa's Mint Condition Bag that drops from Bronjahm, an Elite found in Icecrown at 71, 38. Do note that Bronjahm will only be up once every 400 minutes, and the drop chance of the bag is also not 100%, so it will take a while before you obtain the bag.



The main currency that you will collect in the pre-expansion event is called Argent Commendation Icon Argent Commendation. You will receive it from Elites and completing Daily Quests in Icecrown. The currency can be turned in for:


Death Rising Limited Time Event

Shortly after the Shadowlands pre-patch goes live, you will be called upon to defend Azeroth from an undead invasion as the Scourge sweep across the land. Players will embark on a quest to establish a foothold in Icecrown, where the barrier between Azeroth and Shadowlands has been shattered, and prepare for the coming journey into the Shadowlands. This limited-time pre-expansion event will only be available until the launch of Shadowlands, so make sure to log in to experience it and earn special rewards.

As a ghoul, you will gain access to special abilities and wreak havoc in major cities. New players that have just finished Exile's Reach, the new intro experience, are immune to becoming infected, thanks to the New Recruit Icon New Recruit buff that will be placed on them.

This article will be updated with more details about the pre-patch event as they become available on live servers.



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