[US-Altar of Storms][H] <Epidemic> 8/14HM Looking for DPS/Heals

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<Epidemic> Altar of Storms 8/14 HM was created on 9/16/2006 as a hardcore raiding guild. We have raided through every expansion and are currently a casual raiding guild working on 10 man Heroic Siege of Orgimmar. We have a solid roster at the moment however we can use Solid DPS and Healers to add to our roster.


Most of our players are Mid-late 20's and have raided in high end guilds at some point in time; however, we not longer have time to be able to commit to a 12-16 hour per week raiding schedule. If you are interested please feel free to send me an ingame message on my toon Oryanadin or at Oryan#1287 . If you are looking for fun, efficient raids with competent players <Epidemic> is for you! We would also like you to take a look at our website and fill out an application at www.epidemic-guild.com


Raid Times


Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7:30 EST to 10:30 EST.


We currently have a high need for the following classes:


Immediate Openings

Mage (High)

WW Monk (High)

Shadow/ Disc Priest (Very High)

Rogue (High)

Balance/Resto Druid (High)

DPS Death Knight (High)


All other classes will be considered on a case by case basis. Please keep in mind with the change to a 20 man raiding format will create open core raiding positions.

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