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The One of a Kind Bengal Tiger Mount Spotted in the Wild and the Story Behind It

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You may have heard rumblings and stories about the legendary Bengal Tiger mount, and now someone's actually spotted it in the game! The mount is a very old story, from back in Alpha, actually, as players were given it to move around the early version of the game faster and it has never been added to the live game... until relatively recently. We're going to be taking a look at why the mount was never added, the story behind the one person to ever own it and the actual sighting itself.

The story of how it was added to the live game is actually even more interesting (and awesome) than the mount itself, as the only owner of it in history is... Amara Strande. In case that name sounds familiar to you, it should, as she's the reason some of us have the Jenafur pet! But it's best to let her explain directly, as she's replied to the recent reddit post:


Hi, owner of the Bengal Tiger here!

The Tiger was given to me as part of my Make a Wish to Blizzard last year along with Jenafur and her puzzle, my NPC, and a song I wrote added in-game. You can listen to it here.

I don’t think the article linked above mentions the Tiger because there isn’t much of a story behind it. Unlike Jenafur, my Tiger is one of a kind and (as far as I know) will never be available to the player base.

With Jenafur, I created the Jenafur Fund for Fibro Liver Cancer Research for the rare liver cancer I have called Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Please feel free to donate and watch my video here at the Jenafur Fund for Fibro Liver Cancer Research

This past year has been amazing, and I’ve met people from all over the world, thanks to my Wish. The staff and devs at Blizzard are lovely, and I am so incredibly grateful to them. The community has been wonderful to me, and I’ve just had a blast this last year. I just want to thank everyone for being apart of my Wish!

Thank you!!! ❤️???
- karzy5 aka Amara

If you want to get Jenafur, or just find out more about the secret in general after finding out it's origins, head on over here.

Back to the actual in-game appearance, btech17 got into a group with one of Amara's characters and shared the encounter with the community:



So a couple of nights ago I joined a group finder group to kill the rares together in Icecrown, while waiting on one to spawn I saw this Paladin sitting on the Bengal Tiger. It was about 3 am so I thought maybe I’m tired and confusing it for the ZG Tiger so I clicked on her and hovered my mouse over the mount icon and all it said was “Tiger” I asked how she got it and then I got a whisper from her saying the mount was her Make A Wish, and that Blizzard gave her the Bengal Tiger, An in game pet (Jenafur) based on her cat and they also put a song into the game that she wrote! She was super sweet and gave me permission to post this and was excited I was going to be sharing her story! I’ll also link her gofundme where she has a video explaining everything a lot better than I can! I just wanted to share the story with this awesome community. It’s not everyday you see the secret cave Tiger in game ?

- btech17

And here's a shot from the Alpha version, where everyone (except Tauren, due to their then-plainstriding ability and no Kodos yet) got one:


But if you're looking for the real reason the mount never made it into the game, btech17 also shared that as well, and it's a truly classic Chris Metzen story, so he is the origin point of all of this:

On a bit of a separate note, it's really great having these unique things in the game in general, as it makes it feel much more alive, so more of this type of stuff Blizzard!


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