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How To Change Secondary Stats on the Mistcaller Ocarina Trinket

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It is possible to change the secondary stats on the Mistcaller Ocarina Mistcaller Ocarina trinket that drops in Mists of Tirna Scithe.

Seek out Master Clerk Salorn located at 43, 46 in Ardenweald. The vendor sells various items for 100 gold that allow you to change the secondary stats on your Mistcaller Ocarina Mistcaller Ocarina trinket.

The following items can be purchased from the vendor:



Source: Reddit + Reddit

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      Arms Warriors can currently get the Arcane Bladereaper Hidden Artifact Appearance in the EU region!
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      The quest should be available until reset in the region. The video below will guide you through the whole quest line.
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      Operation Mechagon: Junkyard
      The most important thing in this dungeon is to get a Shock Bot on every member of your group as early as possible. This will allow you not only to be fast but also minimizes the risk of wiping. A few important things to know about the bots are that, first, they will be gone once you die, and second, the Shock Bot scales with Haste yes, that's right haste, so you might want to get the Haste Bounty just to bump up your Zap damage!
      Operation Mechagon: Workshop
      While fighting Kujo, there is a way to still keep DPSing during the Venting Flames, but it can be tricky. Below I have attached a clip of myself doing it the hard way (without a WeakAura), but nowadays there is a WeakAura that shows you once you are "safe" to DPS. The trick is to be on the edge of the box's corner; once you are there the boss "shows" you as safe and you can continue DPSing. This works not only for melee attacks but also for ranged, making it quite a useful tip to save some extra time, but be aware that if done incorrectly you will die!

      Return to Karazhan: Lower
      This will be one of the hardest dungeons to play, but here is a useful tip. When you fight Skeletal Ushers, you can line-of-sight Flashlight's damage, and it will deal nothing to you. In case you can't "LoS" it, you can always turn your back before the end of the cast; at least this way you will avoid getting disoriented, but you will still get damaged.
      Return to Karazhan: Upper
      During the Mana Devourer boss fight, you can let all the orbs go into the boss (whereas previously they needed to be soaked) since it never gets to full Mana and therefore doesn't cast Decimating Essence. If you soak the incoming orbs, do it for the Unstable Mana damage buff on your DPS players. Other than this, there is no reason to do so. It is uncertain if this is a "bug" or a new way the boss should be played, but hey, heads up!
      Grimrail Depot
      Once you enter Phase 3 with Nitrogg Thundertower — he has jumped out of his cannon — you can use the same cannon you used to damage him in Phase 2 to further damage him if you have the resources, with bombs, shrapnel, and ammunition. This way you can speed up the boss fight quite significantly.
      Iron Docks
      Once you fight Fleshrender Nokgar, you can use one of the fences to completely negate several of his abilities like Barbed Arrow Barrage and Burning Arrows, making Phase 2 a lot easier. Keep in mind this only works if you are a Ranged player or your class only relies on ranged attacks.

      Final Thoughts
      We plan to create weekly articles selecting 1 hot tip for you, every week, that is different than what we have in our weekly route section and will help you gain time on the chosen key. Keep in mind, that some of these tips might be temporary, or used until they are hotfixed, and if that happens we will always notify you in the comments below. With that in mind, enjoy the season and go get that Mythic+ score!
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