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New spec, need weapon.

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On my shaman, I have hero dungeon/low tier raid gear (I'm elemental/resto) I thought about it and I want to swap out resto and try enh., but I again have dungeon ele weapons (dagger shield.) I need to get 2 one handers (maces?) so I can do enhancement PVP right. Getting any kind of usable weapon will be good though, so I don't mind PVE also. In other words, how can I gear for a new spec fast? I'm probably half timeless gear, so I already technically have enh. Armor. Do I just have to do back to back dungeons until I get two weapons? Are there any quests with good weapons? I need this gear soon, I'm learning enhancement on IV and YouTube while I wait for an answer.

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Gearing fast for anything works the exact same.


Get any reasonable Agi weapons (Pref. Slow/Slow, so maces/fists/axes.  Can't be swords)

Get your timeless or honor pieces

Get some reasonable trinkets - Valor (Shado) or Timeless are good.

Get some experience by doing more dungeons or LFRs!


There are no quests with 450+ weapons that are viable for Enhance.


H-Dungeons that drop weapons are:

Stormstout Brewery

Shado-Pan Monastery

Siege of Niuzao

Mogu'shan Palace

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