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Hearthstone bugged?

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Tonight has been the strangest night on Hearthstone.


First there was an instance where a card that was supposed to proc (the Acolyte of Pain) didn't proc when my opponent killed him.


Then in another game, there was the pally that played one Alarm-O-Bot to substitute in Fordring, then another to substitute in Deathwing (who didn't proc and kill all the minions as he was supposed to) and then immediately after playing Deathwing, summoned TWO MORE Alarm-O-Bots.


Now, maybe I've forgotten my math, but that's four of the same card when only two are allowed. Or are Alarm-O-Bots an exception? Was my pally opponent a hacker or something?

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How did the Acolyte  die? The Acolyte  only procs if it takes damage. Abilties that outright destroy the card with out doing direct damage like Spihon soul, does not proc the card draw.

The Alarm-o-Bot does not trigger battle cry effects, meaning cards like deathwing dont get their effects triggerd. This can be good or bad depending on the card. For example if the Alarm-o-Bot swaps for a facelesss manipulator the copy effect will not come into play. The Alarm-o-Bot swaps place with a random card in your hand meaning you get the Alarm-o-Bot back when it triggers.

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And if you saw 4 different Alarm-o-Bots, that tells me that you're playing Arena. More likely, though, is that you saw 1-2 Alarm-o-Bots get used more than once. They go back into your hand when they swap with another minion, right?

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What happened with Alarm-O-Bots:

Turn 1: Pally summoned first Alarm-O-Bot. 

Turn 2: At the start of his next turn, the Alarm-O-Bot went back into his hand, and replaced Fordring onto the field.

Turn 3: Pally summoned second Alarm-O-Bot

Turn 4: At the start of his next turn, the Alarm-O-Bot went back into his hand, and replaced Deathwing onto the field.

Battlecry reads: Does something when played from hand.

Deathwing was nat played by the character from hand, instead it was swapped with the alarm-o-bot. The alarm-o-bot changed it.


Turn 5: Pally puts down 2 alarm-o-bots.



Acolyte case: If acolyte doesn't take damage, it won't trigger its effect.

Examples: Siphon Soul, Shadow Word: Pain and Death (if the acolyte is buffed up) etcetc.


Suggestion: Read every card's description word by word!

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