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Hey guys! Just scrolling through the forums briefly and didn't see any forums made for bugs. Just thought I'd start one (or maybe a new, fresh one), just leave a response in the comments and hopefully we can fix some stuff we find. I have one I'd like to share; I was playing as Abathur, just came out of an Ultimate EvolutionUltimate Evolution after mining up an aggressive position and found my Toxic NestToxic Nest on a 35 second cooldown with no charges. The cooldown was also about 6/10 of the way through, implying an approximate 75 second cooldown. If you have anything you've found, feel free to let the community know down below!

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A nice idea for sure! I'll actually make up a sticky for this and we can bring everything together!

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13 hours ago, Blainie said:

A nice idea for sure! I'll actually make up a sticky for this and we can bring everything together!

Ok, thanks!

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    • By Arsthazar
      So, hey guys, before i logged out on Thuesday, i had like 3~4k of gold, yesterday when i logged in after zul'jin patch, i had 16k of gold. Some friends got 10~15k gold too, while otherss got none. Does someone know anything about this?
    • By strazybm
      So I got into a dungeon (Mana Tombs) with a level 71 Frost DK, and this guy was doing some absurd damage 1 shotting everything in his path.
      Was just wondering if anyone could possibly tell me how this guy was doing so much damage at this level
    • By KingVallard
      While tanking h hfc i noticed i was taking MUCH more damage than usual as my protadin (703) on the hallway before xhul and I didn't realize what was happening until the felgaurd mini boss in xhul's room (pre boss trash) crit me for a 310k auto attack. I was under the impression tanks were immune to crits in pve but this is a pretty annoying issue. As far as I can tell xhul himself didn't crit me nor did gor or his adds.
      I don't know what else is affected by it but i'm making a bug report and figured I'd throw a heads up.
      Edit: Can confirm bosses critting too and it's not limited to prot pally or any particular mob/boss. 
    • By Iridar
      Make sure that pet in your number 1 position is non-exotic:

      Otherwise, Stampede bugs out, and either doesn't summon any pets at all, or summons fewer than it should.
      Optional read:
      1) If you have any exotic pets in your "pocket", Stampede + Lone Wolf will not summon them, and will not summon copies / tokens to take their place. 
      E.g., if you have 3 exotic and 2 normal pets with you, Stampede will only summon the two normal pets. 
      2) If you have an exotic pet in your No1 position and Stampede minor glyph, Stampede will not summon any pets at all. 
      Stampede works normally when:
      1) Even if you have exotic pets in your pocket, as long as you have a normal pet summoned, Stampede will summon whatever normal pets are in your pocket, and replace exotic pets with copies of your current pet. 
      If you have Stampede minor glyph, all summoned pets will be copies of your current one.
      Needless to say, summoning a pet just to cast Stampede is likely to be a DPS loss for Lone Wolf. 
      3) I haven't tested what happens if you have a non-exotic pet in No1 position and use a Stampede minor glyph, my guess is it will work correctly and all summoned pets will be copies of that No1 pet.
    • By penance
      Occaisionally when I solo tank garrosh my stacks DONT, i repeat DO NOT, drop off when he does his whirlwind attack. so I start getting hit pretty hard. It has only happened twice, I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered that as well? I've learned to anticipate it so i just save last stand for it.
      Its lovely getting those 1.2mil SBAR though.. lol. No i dont have logs for it or anything..sadly. WAIT, i do have a video of it, kinda. its on a mage POV, and its hard to see my stacks but you can tell when i get the stacks due to my increase in dps.
      The video was streamed with just the RLs vent. so yeah. 
     at  13:15 is where you can tell im keeping the stacks after the whirlwind. and at  8:00ish is the pull, so just skip to the 13:15. 
     here is my armory, but i have different boots now. but everything else is the same.