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We Might Be Hearing About Burning Crusade Classic by the End of the Year? (Rumor)

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After the recent survey that went out and talked about interest in the Burning Crusade Classic, we now have a fairly reliable source talking about more news on the much expected continuation of Classic coming before the end of the year!

Nano, formerly a core staff member of the Nostalrius private server team, who had a meeting with Blizzard about how they made their server while Vanilla Classic was being developed, tweeted this yesterday:

While he may theoretically have been referring to the survey, the tweet was posted significantly after it, so it seems more likely this is related to an actual official confirmation/announcement, especially since it refers to a schedule specifically. This comes after Nano correctly predicted/leaked the release schedule for Naxxramas, but also had a time set for the TBC Classic beta in said earlier leak:

So this source has been pretty reliable in the past, and this tweet sure makes it sound like we won't have to wait for BlizzConline to hear about the Burning Crusade coming to Classic!

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3 hours ago, Swiftstyle said:

I don't know why they are not continuing the classic wow with patches...let tbc to be another standalone game..

It's not confirmed yet if TBC classic is going to replace current classic. If it happens, I guess there's going to be pretty huge outrage, after all there are those who want pure classic to remain.

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On 12/21/2020 at 5:15 PM, Arcling said:

It's not confirmed yet if TBC classic is going to replace current classic. If it happens, I guess there's going to be pretty huge outrage, after all there are those who want pure classic to remain.

i subscribe to that outrage ;))

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I know that this was a few weeks ago, but really? WTF was the idea of a "classic" wow, then?  Adding TBC or any other content at that point, Classic no longer classic.  If people want to play TBC, let it be a different game as someone mentioned already.  Or better yet, give folks a menu that allows one to turn on or off the different add-ons allowing one to make the game of their choice since it is from 1 to 60 now. If you turn on a certain add on then you will only see those who have that add on turned on.  Programming this should be no different than adding 4 extra slots or more to that 1st backpack Blizzard said that they could not do back a few years ago. 

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